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Football Truce: 'I won’t Focus on Pep' — Mourinho

Jose Mourinho insists he has no plans to reignite his personal rivalry with Pep Guardiola as it could affect Manchester United’s chances of...

Jose Mourinho insists he has no plans to reignite his personal rivalry with Pep Guardiola as it could affect Manchester United’s chances of winning the English Premier League soccer title.

Guardiola and Mourinho will face each other for the first time in English football when they take charge of Manchester City and United respectively next season.

The two managers share a history of animosity stemming from their time in charge of Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.
The Feud Between Pep and Mourinho is Set to Resurrect 

However, Mourinho says he cannot afford to focus on Guardiola next year, as he admits he did at times in Spain, as United face a greater number of rivals in England. 

Mourinho said that if he and arch-rival Guardiola just focus on each other next season they will gift-wrap the English Premier League title to another team.

The pair had an intense rivalry for a two-season spell in Spain when Mourinho was in charge of Real Madrid and Guardiola was manager of Barcelona.

They each won La Liga title once in that period and faced each 11 times in all competitions – with Real collecting six red cards.

But Mourinho, who poked Guardiola’s assistant Tito Vilanova in the eye in one touch line bust-up, says the greater competition in the English top flight means they cannot afford to be absorbed with each other.

“(What has happened in the past) does not allow me to be innocent. For two years Pep and I were in a league where the champion would be either me or him, Real Madrid or Barcelona,” Mourinho told a group of football coaches in Lisbon on Tuesday.

“In a situation like this, individual fights make sense because they can influence things. But in the Premier League, if I focus on him and Manchester City, and he on me and Manchester United, someone else is going to win the league.

“The level of the Premier League is going to get better with the players and coaches who will come. Four champions in four years shows how competitive it is, and also says a lot about the television rights and its distribution, which will allow the growth of the league and all its teams.

“It is different to other leagues where the sharks will always be sharks.” Mourinho has ruled out the possibility of signing any Portuguese players during the summer transfer window.

United have been linked with Jaoa Maria and Andre Gomes while they scouted Renato Sanches on a regular basis before his surprise move to Bayern Munich. But Mourinho, speaking at a university lecture in Lisbon, said: “I won’t be signing any player from Portugal.” — Sky Sports.

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