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Model Army: 10 Countries with Most Beautiful Female Military

Majority of soldiers are normally men but it doesn’t mean that there is no place for women anymore - but they play a big role in the milita...

Majority of soldiers are normally men but it doesn’t mean that there is no place for women anymore - but they play a big role in the military and each year their number keeps increasing and their roles are expanding.

They were not allowed to take part in any military activities back in the days but now they are fighting side by side with men.

Below we made a compilation of countries that have the most beautiful military forces in the world, beautiful enough to be a model or joining any beauty pageant but they choose to serve and protect their country.

10) British Army

They started serving the British Army in the early 1990’s but they are not allowed in any combat operations either in Army, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force Regiment.

9) Polish Army

In 1938, the government of Poland sorted out a law requiring military services for men and women who want to volunteers but limited in certain roles such as medics, anti-aircraft artillery and communications. 

Most Beautiful Female Military 

In 2004, they allow women to serve as professional personnel in the Polish Army. In 2007, 800 women are enlisted and 471 are officers. Two Polish women achieved the rank of a Colonel and one reached the rank of the General.

8) Czech Republican Army

-Back in the days, the government of Czech Republic doesn’t allow women to participate any military cause until the WWII is finished. They started to work in Czech Army as medics, phone operators and anti-aircraft gun crews. 

Nowadays, they turn out to be a fundamental element in Czech Army especially those individuals in the Air Force.

7) U.S. Army

Women start offering their services in the United States Army since 1775. They are taking care of the wounded and help in the activities inside the camp but in 20th century, everything has changed. 

They are given an essential role in different crucial operations. As of 2012, more than 165,000 women are enlisted and 35,000 of them are serving as officers.

6) Ukraine Army

Three percent of women make up the the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a total of 18,000 and 7% of these are officers.

5) Swedish Army

It started in 1924, when the Swedish women are allowed in military forces but only voluntarily. In 1989, they are fully integrated in military services in every branches including combat. Now a days, they make approximately 5% of the army.

4) Australian Army

They started serving the Australian army in 1899 but they are only limited in medical operations until the World War II. In 1942, they roles has expanded in giving a support roles and allowing them as a crew in submarines. 

In 2011, the Australian government allowed women to battle in frontlines.

3) Israel Army

Women in Israel are obligatory to serve in national service after they turn 18 which is why Israel Army are full of women. In fact, 31% is the current figures according to IDF. As of now, one female officer in Israel army reached the Major General role.

2) Russian Army

Ten percent of women make out the Russia’s military force with a total number of 115,000 to 160,000 and what more intriguing is that they held a beauty contest inside the military. The most attractive female Russian soldier will be named as the Miss Russian Army which is why they took the second spot in our list.

1) Romanian Army

They may not be the strongest and the top military in the world but they have something that any army across the globe don’t have. According to Sun Poll, the Eastern European nation leads the survey with a 17% of the total votes in the se.xiest army recruits in the whole world. - Online Sources 

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