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Poisonous Abuse: ‘Prophet Raped me while his Snakes Watched’

Harare – In yet another tongue twisting incident to unfold in Epworth – a woman claims that a ‘ prophet raped her ’ and later instilled fea...

Harare – In yet another tongue twisting incident to unfold in Epworth – a woman claims that a ‘prophet raped her’ and later instilled fear with his giant snakes in a bid to conceal the torment.

The accused ‘healer’ Eric Mupfumbati is known to manipulate the ‘snakes’ for his deliverance and healing sessions – and may blame him of indulging in witchcraft practices – that includes infusing fear in his clients.


Aged 36 – the victim opened a case with the police – while the accused belongs to a prevalent white garment church.
Cases of Women Raped at Shrines is Rife in Africa 

“I told him that I wanted to get married – and he said he would remove something that was embedded in my bums first.

“He later requested me to remove my clothes then he extracted some objects from my back – and then he proceeded to rape me. After the act, I threatened him that I will report him to the police,” she revealed to the media.

Immediately, the phony diviner summoned his big serpents using a peculiar language. The victim passed out while he proceeded to rape as the three snakes almost four meters long watched and licking.

After the nightmare, Betty’s life has never been the same.

“My private parts itch – though doctors told me I don’t have any sexually transmitted disease. However, since early this year, the ‘healer’ would beckon me to his house using witchcraft magic and abuse me further.

“At night, I always dream having intercourse with his serpents and it made me seriously sick,” she added.

Her family testified of her tribulations after the rape – revealing that they have spent lots of money trying to help their daughter but to no avail.

Efforts to mediate with the accused were futile as he allegedly threatened them – and police have since released him from custody.

“We spent a lot of money because of Betty. She is hallucinating and sometimes cries randomly,” said her mother.

Left with no choice, the family is seeking assistance for their daughter who may have been inflicted with spiritual spouses. - Additional Information from Kwayedza 

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