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S.ex Mania: Married Woman Has Affairs with 10 Men

Explicit WhatsApp messages have unearthed a woman’s se_xcapades with 10 men - leaving the husband with no option to axe the cheater from th...

Explicit WhatsApp messages have unearthed a woman’s se_xcapades with 10 men - leaving the husband with no option to axe the cheater from the matrimonial home.

Portia Nunta – a security guard – is reportedly bedding 10 boyfriends and her husband who is the 11th man.

All this came to light when Simbarashe White, who is Portia’s husband, took the latter’s phone intending to make a business call.
Woman Got Busted for Love Affairs 

As he scrolled the phone, Simbarashe came across messages from different boyfriends with the majority all about se_x sessions she had had or intended to have with the boyfriends.

This publication is in possession of WhatsApp conversations between Portia and her 10 boyfriends. The contacts are saved in pseudonyms while some profess ignorance on her marriage to Simbarashe.

“I do not know why she is not satisfied with dating one man. I thought she would change when I reunited with her but I have realised that she won’t,” said White.

“At one point she left the child alone just to see her boyfriends. I think she is actually possessed and needs prayers, when you tell her to stop cheating she adds more. A normal person should understand that she is married and behave herself,” he said.

Portia admitted to have dated two other men when they divorced last year. I only fell in love with Percie and Shana after we had divorced last year. He is the one who came back asking me to reunite with him.

“I informed him that I had been in love with other men whom I was going to notify that we had been reunited. However, he took my phone before I had informed them that we had been reunited and the evidence he is providing is from that time.

“The reason he wanted to be reunited with me is because he heard that I had been employed as a guard. I am the one who provided food for the whole family as he was not employed.

“He stole my money when I told him that I wanted to leave, he also confiscated my particulars,” said Nunta. Portia`s boyfriend Naison Kapfunde said that he had an affair with Nunta when she was divorced even though Whatsapp chats reveal that the two were still in communication up to 24 May this year.

“I fell in love with Portia in September after I heard that she had divorced with White. We did not even date for long. We stopped communicating that last year,” said Kapfunde.

The lover, saved as Queen, said that he does not know Portia but Whatsapp conversation reveal that the two agreed to have se_xual intercourse. Portia asked him for sexual services noting she was divorced and White was in Mozambique.

Portia`s other lover saved as Mai Munya disconnected communication after a sigh of shock, when H-Metro telephoned him. - H-Metro 

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