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Social Media Shun: Things You Must Delete from Your FB Page

Stop uploading 83 images no one will care about and listen up, it's time for a serious social media spring clean.  Your Facebook page ...

Stop uploading 83 images no one will care about and listen up, it's time for a serious social media spring clean. 

Your Facebook page isn't just somewhere to post endless updates of your running habits, it's an insight into your very being. An insight that's open to anyone who wants to look.

It doesn't have to be that way though. By deleting this lot, you can once again live a worry-free online existence.

Most of your 'friends' 
C'mon, you're not fooling anyone, you don't really have 1,832 friends. Sending friend requests to everyone you've met since 2007 – doesn't make you popular.
Some Images that Must not Appear on Your Profile 

Chances are you probably talk to less than a tenth of them.

By culling the 'friends' clutter, you'll get a better Facebook experience. Sure, you won't be able to do as much "look how much better my life is than theirs" snooping - but you won't have to put up with all that chatter and endless pictures of kids you really don't care about either.

Trust us, trim the fat and enjoy a more interesting timeline, it's worth it.

Your phone number 
You grudgingly hand out your phone number to online retailers knowing it's going to result in six weeks of endless spam calls, but still proudly display your digits for the world to see on your Facebook page.

What's more likely is that some dick you went to school with a decade ago will use it to prank call you, or your number will be skimmed and added to an endless supply of Satan's children, or PPI salesmen as they prefer to be called.

Kids pictures 

It used to be that embarrassing pictures of your wee ones would be saved up in an album until they finally brought their first serious boyfriend or girlfriend back to meet the folks.

Now they're plastered across the internet for the world to see from the moment they're pushed into it. As well as your kids growing to instantly resent you when they gain the concept of privacy.

Drunk pictures 
Going for a new job? You can guarantee that as well as reading your CV, your prospective employer will now be Googling you and even checking out your Facebook and Twitter accounts, assuming they're marked as public.

Think about it: would you really want the person who's got your career in your hands seeing pics of you with your head down a loo or your bits out on the dancefloor? I

f you're not keen on the idea of your mum seeing the pic, chances are you're not going to want your future boss eyeing it up either.

Your holiday snaps 
Your humble bragging session can wait. Just like checking in at a restaurant or theatre showing on the other side of town, posting sunny holiday snaps with captions such as "Day one of two weeks of bliss".

This is an open invitation to any nefarious characters that can see your Facebook page to wander around to your newly vacated home and have their fill.

Your birthday
Sure, someone knowing your date of birth might not sound like a major security inconvenience, not like handing over your password, anyway.

But when services such as banks and doctors use it as a means of identifying you over the phone, it can quickly become a problematic detail to be sharing with the world and the wrong people looking at your profile. - Online Sources 

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