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Succes Tips: How to Answer Toughest Job Interview Questions

You're being interviewed for Your Dream Job - and you're suddenly stumped with a million questions you didn't prepare answers f...

You're being interviewed for Your Dream Job - and you're suddenly stumped with a million questions you didn't prepare answers for - and these questions can actually be a minefield due to their open-ended nature. 

Here are some tips for you to navigate through some of the toughest job interview questions you might encounter. 

Tell me about yourself?
Why this is a minefield: This question sounds very simple - but it's super broad, because you can literally talk about anything! After all, you are supposed to talk about yourself, right? 
A Job Interview has a Lot of Minefields 

If you haven’t prepared your answer for this, you’ll either end up telling the interviewer too much or too little information.

How to ace it: The objective of this question is for the interviewer to assess if your personality will be compatible with the job. 

The key here is to share one or two sentences about you and your family, one or two interests or hobbies that you enjoy, and then end your answer with sharing your skills or expertise that will be useful for the job.

What is your passion?
Why this is a minefield: Speaking of interests and hobbies, these might be all you can talk about when the interviewer asks what you are passionate about. 

These things may not be at all related to the company’s business, so you feel you might put yourself out of context by answering.

How to ace it: Mention that one thing you're super passionate about—and then highlight how you've become a better person because of it. Oh, you're more patient now? 

Or you work with people better? Mentioning positive traits will allow your interviewer to get a feel of how you'll be an asset to the company.

Why are you leaving your current job?
Why this is a minefield: Your answer to this question will indicate to the interviewer how you handle your professional relationships, particularly when it is about to or has ended. 

This is a minefield especially if you have not learned how to be diplomatic or if something really bad has or is happening in your current company. The last thing you want is to badmouth your former employers.

How to ace it: Make this about you and not your employer. Explain that you have outgrown your role in your present company and are seeking out opportunities to maximise your strengths and skills, and reach your full potential. - Online Sources 

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