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Zim Politics: World Speak on Morgan Tsvangirai’s Cancer Status

Harare – As the world reacts to the sad news that Harare's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been diagnosed with cancer of t...

Harare – As the world reacts to the sad news that Harare's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been diagnosed with cancer of the colon – many continue to show support towards the MDC leader.

Speculation had been hyped after the opposition leader’s conspicuous absenteeism at most public gatherings organised by his party recently.

This has led tongues wagging – and buttressed the African belief of hiding an illness, especially those linked to political leadership.

However, Tsvangirai has broken the sacred stance when he made public his health status.
Morgan Tsvangirai and Wife Elizabeth 

“On the 8th of May 2016, my Zimbabwean doctors referred me to South Africa where a further diagnosis revealed that I am suffering from cancer of the colon.

“Following the diagnosis last month, I underwent an operation last month that was very successful,” the communiqué revealed.

Though his revelations may temporarily put some questions to bed, there remains a big hole of a possible leadership vacuum in case the worst happens to him.

Recently, the opposition leader has been missing from the political domain to receive medical treatment in South Africa, further speculating his ability to lead Zimbabwean.

“However, a diagnosis of cancer is the first of several medical procedures that include treatment through chemotherapy, which treatment I began this week.

“As a leader and a public figure, I have taken a decision to make public my condition. It is my firm belief that the health of national leaders, including politicians, should not be a subject of national speculation and uncertainty,” he added.

People speak
The press release has jolted his supporters to pour out their emotions.

“That is what true leaders do. Get well soon. We will continue praying for you,” one Farai Nhidza commented on the internet.

“My prayer is that you get healed permanently. In His name you have been healed” – Jongwe

Tendai Chaminuka – “Cancer needs to be given the same status as HIV/AIDS. Many people are painfully succumbing to the disease and its high time the government takes strides in cushioning the victims.”

“Morgan, your political role to give the country a democratic outlook thus far amidst glaring oppression has been felt beyond the Zimbabwean borders. Long live to witness your dream become a reality.” – Man Kenya

Probably one of the most shocking remarks emanated from Tichaona Zindoga – a staffer from the state controlled publication.

“Before Tsvangirai dies… It is understood that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is suffering from stomach cancer and only has a couple of years to live.

“One good thing he must do before he joins his ancestors is to call the removal of sanctions he begged America, Britain and their allies to impose on the innocent people of Zimbabwe,” said Zindoga.

Where to opposition politics?
With unending splits with the party, Tsvangirai’s sickness will send jitters among the opposition ranks – while some of its leaders are not feeling well.

Nevertheless, Tsvangirai remains resolute.

“The health condition is unfortunate but can be faced by anyone. I intend to confront this development with the determination to overcome it. In the meantime, let us remain focused in confronting the national crisis we face.”

He appreciated the support coming from his family, MDC members and general populace.

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