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Spiritual Torment: ‘Invisible Python Sex.ually Manipulates me’

Harare – A young woman is living in hell as she is continually tormented se.xually by a gigantic snake – the size of a python – and she has...

Harare – A young woman is living in hell as she is continually tormented se.xually by a gigantic snake – the size of a python – and she has accepted her miserable fate as nobody can help her.

And after the shocking deed, she gives birth to triplets, breast feeds them – and they vanish afterwards.

These mysterious incidents resulted in her divorce as her husband could not endure the daily torment endured by his wife through the invisible snake that is only visible to her.

Revealing her torment, Pauline Gore aged 35 says the serpent even kisses her, sucks her breasts – and sometimes she bleeds from the perpetual spiritual attacks.

“This problem started in 2003 when I felt something moving on my body – but I could not see the creature. Soon, I could feel a damp, slimy body around my whole body.

“This happens during the day or night – and sometimes I dream the snake. The massive serpent then coils my body and sex.ually attacks me, sometimes entering my by body through my private part.

“Later on, it will wriggle inside my stomach as if I am pregnant. Sometimes it turns into a human – transforming into my father,” she reveals.

When the snake is not abusing her, she is stoned by unseen persons. Sadly, her parents are not concerned with her dilemma – and she has nobody to turn to.  
A Woman is Enduring Daily Torment by an Invisible Snake  
“My parents are not worried with my situation. They dismiss me and say I must go back to my ‘witchdoctor’ to get aid – but I have never used any traditional potions.

“I am afraid that I will die and leave my children as orphans. I am desperately seeking help to end this problem,” says the mother of two, adding that the snake also feeds on her blood causing her more health problems.

In his book: How to Overcome Spiritual Spouses, Apostle Pride Sibiya says there are diverse forms of spiritual spouses such as avenging spirits, goblins, water spirits among others.

The spirits visits victims and sexually manipulate them – leading to divorce, lack of marriage or bad luck befalling their target.

Pauline was happily married in Mt Darwin – but her husband Crispen decided to separated due to this persistent condition.

“My private part is always swollen and itching because of the snake’s activities. However, I have become accustomed to this - and I no longer enjoy intercourse with a man.”

The snake makes her sick – and she is always unfortunate in her life. Recently, she lost her job and she cannot maintain a relationship for long.

According to her research, her parents are accused of owning a goblin to enhance their farming activities – and she is the only affected in a family of ten siblings. Her uncles are also aware of her difficulties.

After the sexual experience, Pauline often gives birth to triplets similar to her children – but later turn to monsters. Whenever her parents call her, she suddenly becomes sick.

A local traditional healer says Pauline needs spiritual deliverance before she becomes crippled or even dies since she is being harassed by goblins. - First Published by Kwayedza 

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