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Third Forces: 'US, France Behind Harare Violence'

United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Harry Thomas and his French counterpart, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse, helped engineer last week’s c...

United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Harry Thomas and his French counterpart, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse, helped engineer last week’s civil disturbances in Harare - Zimbabwe government has claimed. 

Minister Chombo said the two were working through dodgy groups and leveraging on social media to foment civil disobedience and ultimately destabilise Zimbabwe. 

His National Security counterpart, Minister Kembo Mohadi told The Sunday Mail, “We will continue to gather more intelligence on the disturbances.”
Lats Week Demonstrations in Harare 

A group going by the name “Tajamuka/Sesijikile”, fronted by former MDC-T youth leader, Promise Mkhwananzi, has been calling for civil disturbances through social media. 

While National Vendors’ Union of Zimbabwe president, Stern Zvorwadza has also been on a crusade to foment an uprising against the Government.

Pastor Evan Mawarire who trades under the banner “#ThisFlag” has been openly propagating an anti-Government sentiment mainly on social media platforms WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

Sources told The Sunday Mail that Ambassador Thomas has met civil organisations representatives almost weekly since his posting to Harare in December 2015.

On May 6, 2016; Mr Thomas met Mawarire at his official residence, and later tweeted, “Wonder if #Zimbabwe’s #ThisFlag movement will spread to the US and other nations.”

Ambassador Delahousse is also believed to have met Mawarire several times. Minister Chombo said Government has intelligence linking the French and American embassies in Harare to last week’s sporadic disturbances.

“We have gathered from our intelligence that there is the involvement of Western embassies in all these disturbances that have been taking place.

Dr Chombo challenged the embassies to deny it. “We know for certain that these groups are receiving sponsorship from these embassies. My challenge to them is to come out in the public to deny this. I know they cannot do so because they know the truth.

Several characters were arrested, and are being charged with public violence. The incidents appeared co-ordinated as they began with protests at Beitbridge Border Post over the import restrictions recently introduced by Government.

Authorities quickly pointed to a third force, with the Cross Border Traders’ Association distancing itself from the skirmishes that saw vehicles and a Zimra warehouse being burnt and buildings stoned. - Sunday Mail 

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