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Cheating Spouse: Married Woman Hides Lover Under the Bed

A Harare man says he is bitter after it emerged that his wife of three-years was in the habit of entertaining her lover in their home. ...

A Harare man says he is bitter after it emerged that his wife of three-years was in the habit of entertaining her lover in their home.

She allegedly went to the extent of hiding him under their bed whenever he got home ‘unexpectedly’.

Elias Mwaengeni, 34, said he was even angrier because he has been se_x starved for the past three-months while his wife, Patience Mufadza was entertaining her lover Tichaona Jofisi in their home. 

Patience denied that she cheated on Elias arguing that they were on separation although texts messages between her and Tichaona indicate that the latter was sneaking into Elias’ house whenever he was not around.
Cheating Wife Caught in Action 

She said Tichaona was her childhood boyfriend and they had just reignited their love after her separation with Elias.

“Tichaona is my childhood boyfriend and we rekindled our love after I met him when I separated with him (Elias),” she argued.

Elias chronicled how he was made to wear Tichaona’s pair of trousers to work after Patience convinced him that he had bought the small pair of trousers.

“This woman even made me wear Tichaona’s trouser to work. It was really tight on me and I even asked if the trousers was mine but she insisted that it was mine which I had probably bought and had not tried it.

“Imagine how he made me wear her lover’s trousers, she took me for a fool and I will never forgive her for that,” he said. Elias said his wife’s shenanigans were confirmed after he found love messages between the two in the wife’s phone.

“He even called him, vamaurutsa because he made her jump in bed. For three-months I did not have se-x with her as she always told me that she was having her menses. I was shocked to figure that these two made love at every opportunity that they had.”

Patience added that they separated a month ago with Elias, hence her rekindling their love with Tichaona although she had no defence on how they had pictures taken in her bedroom with Elias.

“He was my childhood boyfriend and we just got back together after our separation. Those are very old pictures,” she argued.

Tichaona also denied sneaking into Elias’ house despite having several intimate pictures taken in Elias’s bedroom. He further argued that the pictures were taken while they were in school.

“She is my childhood girl but I did not take her from Elias. You can write what you want my dear,” said Tichaona. - H Metro

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