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Farewell Mrs Chams: Sandy Business Ventures (SBV) Mourns Mrs Monica Chamunokara

Sandy Business Ventures (SBV) is greatly saddened by the loss of Mrs Monica Prisca Chamunokara. Mrs Chamunokara passed on in Harare on Au...

Sandy Business Ventures (SBV) is greatly saddened by the loss of Mrs Monica Prisca Chamunokara.

Mrs Chamunokara passed on in Harare on August 8, 2016 after a protracted fight with a kidney condition.

She was 63.

Mrs Chams to her associates will always be recalled as a rare motherly figure – not only to her immediate family but to those in her vicinity.
The Late Mrs Monica Prisca (Chams) Chamunokara was a Larger than Life Character 

“On behalf of the SBV board and associate members, I would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy to our Chairperson Mr Edward Chamunokara and the rest of the Chamunokara family following the passing on of Amai.

“We pray for their strength during this trying time,” noted SBV vice Chairperson Mr George Muchapirei.

Since the death of her husband two decades ago – she nurtured her six children to influence change in their respective domains.

As a single parent she worked tirelessly for the upkeep of her family, affording them enhanced life opportunities by availing decent education.

Her devoted approach was publicly exhibited and subsequently inherited by her offspring.

“My mother taught me that the worst punishment to people who hate you is to show them love – don’t fight back, just smile back at them. Though she insisted on discipline, she had a good sense of homour,” recollected her son Edward.

A gift to humanity – Mrs Chams’s humble approach to life uplifted countless lives. A teacher by calling – she had a hospitable demeanor – at the same time, she loathed delinquency.

Through her abundant love, the world benefited immensely via her generous mentorship.

Sadly, her departure leaves humankind poorer – but blessed with her lifetime and selfless input in various dimensions.

She fought a good fight – but God finally called her. Her last wish was to be near her late husband for 22 years.

On 12 August, 2016 her request was granted exactly 22 years after his death. She was laid to rest with the late Mr Chamunokara in Kadoma.

May her soul find eternal rest and peace? Your existence Mrs Chams truly conveyed relief and light to humankind. – Tribute by Sandy Business Ventures (SBV)

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