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Chosen One: Prophet Makandiwa’s 'Mysterious Tale' Causes Havoc

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has claimed that he was born mysteriously after an angel foreto...

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has claimed that he was born mysteriously after an angel foretold his birth months before he was conceived. 

Prophet Makandiwa also said the Lord visited him and told him that his mission was to deliver people from the jaws of poverty through prosperity gospel since the devil uses this to discourage Christians from following God.

Prophet Makandiwa told thousands of congregants who attended Judgment Night 4 at the UFIC headquarters in Mt Hampden on Friday night that signs and wonders were shown to his parents before and after birth.

He said his father was visited by an angel and was shown a vision of the prophet’s body structure, height and how he was to be born.
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa 

Back then, Prophet Makandiwa’s parents were elders in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Muzarabani.

“Before I was born, I was announced. An angel of the Lord told my father that it was going to continue giving signs and wonders to the family. My father was shown everything about me way before I was born,” narrated Prophet Makandiwa.

He went on, “At a certain time there was another sign back in the village (Muzarabani). lt was around 2pm and here comes a flying star which was shining so bright and it landed on one of the trees at our homestead, the tree is still there to this day.

“The mysterious star then exploded into fragments and the light doubled such that goats and chickens scurried for cover. My parents witnessed this and they could not run or hide as they were in shock.

“At that moment, an angel of the Lord promised my parents that more signs were to follow.” 

Prophet Makandiwa said some time in 1997, his father was sleeping at their Muzarabani homestead during the afternoon when he noticed mysterious honey flowing from the concrete wall above his head.

Upon noticing this, his parents are said to have prayed to God while the honey continued flowing from the wall. “In 2014, I took some pastors to the village to visit the place where honey flowed from the walls in 1997 and on that very same day, the pastors tasted honey flowing from the same spot.

“These are the signs and wonders that have happened in my life,” he revealed. While Prophet Makandiwa was narrating these supernatural happenings, his parents kept nodding their heads and raising their hands in agreement.

“People always say a lot of things, that we visited certain places to get powers but were you there when honey was flowing from the walls, were you there when a flying star landed on a tree?”

“The Lord gave me the power to break poverty so don’t tell me to preach something else which is not prosperity. My mission is to take people from one place to another, my mission is clear, to deal with poverty.

“Encounters with God cannot be faked,” said the UFIC leader. Prophet Makandiwa then took time to reminisce on how he started his ministry, saying he prayed and fasted for cumulatively 200 days while he was still in Muzarabani, seeking the face of God.

He said when God instructed him to go to Bible college, he found it difficult to inform his father about it. As a result, an angel appeared to his father again to inform him of his son’s future mission.

“When I got to my father, he just told me to be ready for the mission. I struggled to secure places at Bible colleges until my father had to dump me at pastor Chipere’s house who was then the dean at the Bible college. That’s how it all started,” he said.

Prophet Makandiwa then drew his sermon from Exodus 7 versus 1-4, touching on the deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. He said that scripture explains his God-given purpose to liberate masses from poverty.

He also revealed that he is usually shown visions about prophecies five hours before a service. He said God sometimes show him the visions after instructing him to either wear a gold watch or drink water before the church service.

During the Judgment Night 4 service, Prophet Makandiwa took time to give prophecies to individuals. He also prayed for hundreds of congregates. Scores of people with various ailments claimed to have received healing. - Sunday Mail 

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