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'Coup Master': Minister Urges Zimbabwe Army to take Over

Embattled Provincial Affairs Minister, Shuvai Mahofa has urged the army to take over the country from politicians who she said have messed ...

Embattled Provincial Affairs Minister, Shuvai Mahofa has urged the army to take over the country from politicians who she said have messed up the nation’s affairs.

General Constantine Chiwenga leads the Zimbabwe Defence Forces - and the call comes as the succession battle in Zanu PF hots up.   

Mahofa was speaking while receiving on government’s behalf, a clinic which the army had constructed for civilians in Chingwizi, Mwenezi, early this week.

The outspoken Zanu PF politician attacked fellow politicians, describing them as too loud mouthed and yet incapable of resolving national affairs.

Mahofa praised the ZNA for maintaining peace in the country and outside and its role in civil assistance matters as was witnessed by the construction of the clinic.
Defence Forces Commander, Constantine Chiwenga

“So today I simply want to tell Chiwenga that don’t listen to us politicians. We are big mouthed and our words can destroy the nation. You are the owners of the nation, as for us, we are done. 

"I urge you today to take control of the nation because you are the same people who brought it to where it is today,” she said to loud applause from people who had gathered for the ceremony.

Also present at the event was health minister David Parirenyatwa, Acting defence secretary Peter Muchakati, Masvingo 4 Brigade Commanding General Exobius Chuma and Family of God Church founder Andrew Wutaunashe.

But recently, it has taken a backseat as factional wars rage within Zanu PF with wide belief the army prefers Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over from the aging Mugabe.

President Mugabe is increasingly becoming uneasy with the military for allegedly meddling in the internal affairs of his party but has refrained visiting the same purge he has done to some political rivals within his party.

Mahofa, on her part, has been at the centre of raging factional wars in Masvingo and also purging political rivals.

There are fears the current national crisis characterised by massive joblessness, corruption and growing mistrust among those in control of the levers of power could trigger a fully fledged war.

Prominent South African human rights lawyer and anti-apartheid icon, George Bizos warned last week the country could slide into civil war if current tensions persisted. - Online Sources/VOP 

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