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Fuel Economy: 5 Ways on How You Can Save Petrol

Fuel is an important component of any car - from a safety point, it is important to drive with a full tank and do proper trip planning to a...

Fuel is an important component of any car - from a safety point, it is important to drive with a full tank and do proper trip planning to avoid being stranded. 

This means making regular stops and rather fill up with fuel before you have to drive around looking for a filling station, with your last bit of fuel in the tank.”

Here are important fuel-saving tips:

Tyre pressure
Under-inflated tyres increases the rolling drag between your vehicle and the road. This means your vehicle has to work harder to overcome the extra drag, which uses more fuel. 

Research has shown that correctly inflated tyres can increase mileage by about 3,3%.
How You Can Save on Petrol 

Stop-start driving
Every time you accelerate, the engine works hard and every time you brake, this energy is lost. Stop-start driving is hard on the engine and brakes, and it burns fuel. 

Plan your route carefully. Use your accelerator more gently to improve fuel economy. Accelerating hard and using high engine speeds will also drastically increase your consumption. Another tip, if you can manage it, is to avoid rush hour traffic. 

The long delays in traffic will increase consumption and force you to make more stops at the pumps.

If you are idling for a long time your vehicle will consume more fuel. If you have to wait for a few minutes or more, switch off your engine – if it is safe to do so – which will reduce your fuel consumption.

Any outside add-ons to your car, such as roof boxes and bicycle racks, should be taken off when it’s not in use. These fixings change the airflow over the vehicle and increase the drag. 

Open windows and sunroofs also increase a car’s drag which requires extra power from the engine and that leads to more fuel being used.
Air conditioning

The air conditioner in your car has a compressor pump driven by the engine. When the aircon is used, the compressor uses power from your engine and this increases the work your engine has do as well as the amount of fuel it needs to keep going. 

Switch off your aircon, or use it as little as possible, to boost the overall mileage of your tank.

Service your vehicle
A badly maintained car will not perform at its best. Poor engine performance means the vehicle will not operate according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and this will likely result in increased fuel consumption.

Keeping your car in good condition means it is working as best as it can and should only use the fuel it needs.

Check if your car has an economy setting. If it does, drive with it on because that will make a big difference in the amount of fuel you use. - Daily Sun  

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