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Tiyambuke 2016: Day 1 – Live Updates from Bethel Worship Centre

Chitungwiza – As the world-renowned edition of 2016 Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) roars into action – wi...

Chitungwiza – As the world-renowned edition of 2016 Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) roars into action – will give you live updates from the Media Centre at Bethel Worship Centre.

For the next four days, we will give a timeline of events at the yearly gathering.

Wednesday, 31 August – Morning Session 
9:00: Congregates start to arrive for the mid-morning session
Glory Ministries Praise and Worship Ensemble 

9:30: Intercession commences in preparation for the morning session

10:00: Glory Ministries Praise and Worship ensemble leads congregates in praise song, energetic dances clad in immaculate, matching regalia

11:30: National Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma says, "The duty of your pastor is to pray and fast for you." He is sharing on: Responsible Sons and  Responsible Fathers. Your responsibility is to cover your father's nakedness. 
National Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma 

11:45: Every men of God has weaknesses, your responsibility is not to talk about them - but to cover them. You need to lift your Pastor's hands. Stand strong to build your father's name. What are you doing to build your father's name?      

12:00: What is being said about your father. What are you doing to protect your father? 

12:30: Apostle Pride Sibiya takes the stage to speak on Responsible sons and responsible Fathers. The difference between a child and a son is responsibility.

12:50: Apostle Toggy Chiavariro arrives for Tiyambuke 2016.

Inspection of the Stage for Tiyambuke 2016 

1:00 pm: Dangerous sons and daughters use their father’s name for personal gain. They are full of bitterness and are unforgiving – they are not changed even after years of adversity. And they assume they are too important and priceless – they cannot be replaced.

1:45: What make people respected is the anointing. What you need is the anointing from a servant of God and not the physical body because anointing comes from God. We don't win wars by exchanging hands but lifting the ones we were given by God.

2:30: Connect yourself with people who think alike - remove yourself from people who denigrate men of God. Don't associate with people who lower your anointing - and have faith in the anointing of your father.

3:00: End of morning session.
Outdoor Stage for Tiyambuke 2016 
Evening Session 
6:00: Intersession is underway in preparation for the evening session.

6:30: Praise and Worship now on stage as the crowd sing-along to the praise songs - and congregates are loving every move as the opening night draws to a climax.

7:00: Various talents being exhibited by performers to the appreciating crowd.

8:00: Apostle Sibiya greets congregates and introduces the main speaker, Apostle Chivaviro who speaks on breaking barriers for a new dispensation - a topic that is parallel with Tiyambuke. He says we must break barriers in order to gain a new, better life - and leave a life of suffering and lack. We are breaking into a better life - and all that is failing us must give in for a child of God.

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