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Unique Nation: 6 Ways to Spot a Nigerian from a Distance

Nigerians are unique in many ways - while the country is divided into over 30 states and there are numerous tribes and ethnic groups, there...

Nigerians are unique in many ways - while the country is divided into over 30 states and there are numerous tribes and ethnic groups, there are attributes that they all seem to share wherever they go or in the way they react to certain things. 

Also, as inquisitive and boisterous people, Nigerians love to travel and explore the world around them. A way they like to do that is by flying. Some of the favourite airlines include British airways, KLM and Emirates. 

While on these international flights however, there are certain behaviors they exhibit that tend to mark them out completely. 

Jumia Travel reveals these behaviors that mark out the citizens of the giant of Africa on international flights. 
Here are Six Ways to Spot a Nigeria from a Distance 

Excess hand luggage 
There is always at least one culprit on every flight with either a bag that is way too big to be a carry-on or with a significant number of small bags as hand luggage. That person is usually a Nigerian! 

Sometimes, you even see a Nigerian begging other passengers to help them carry some of their hand luggage and pass it off as theirs, that way it is allowed into the flight. Nigerians generally seem to like carrying a lot of load but do not enjoy paying for extra luggage. 

Dressed to kill 
No matter the country they are travelling to: England, Pakistan, Dubai or even neighboring Cameroon, Nigerians tend to make a big deal of it, especially when it is their first time travelling out of the country. 

They tend to “dress to kill” as a way to beef up their confidence or just impress those who they may meet on their way. You find them wearing high heels, fur coats, sunglasses and heavy perfumes. Chances are the one person who seem too overdressed on an international flight is usually a Nigerian. 

Eats as many times as possible 
The one passenger who tries everything on the flight menu is most certainly a Nigerian. Not that Nigerians are grubs; they just like to maximize opportunities and let’s face it, anyone is more confident on a full stomach. 

Thanks to airlines that have cut back on food service, some passengers are forced to bring their own snacks and meals onboard. Watch out for the passenger with the widest variety of food, they are probably Nigerians. 

Chats loudly/proudly
Nigerians are generally boisterous and friendly. They also love to talk about themselves, their achievements and where they are from. If you have an overly friendly passenger by your side who just won’t quit with the small talk, chances are he/she is Nigerian. 

Again, it is the Nigerians who would loudly talk into the phone upon arrival saying something like “can you hear me? … we just landed … I’m on the runway … can you hear me now? … We just landed … ” and laughing loudly with every pause.

Abusing freebies 
A lot of people do this, but Nigerians are the biggest culprits. 

Yes, everyone loves a freebie, but apparently, some Nigerians can take it too far, even to the point of getting into an embarrassing situation. From collecting more than one sleep masks, to asking for certain discounts, Nigerians are the first in line. 

Hogging the toilet 
Most Nigerians tend to stay forever in the airplane toilet. Despite the number of others who hover cross-legged by the door, they rarely come out until they are certain they are completely done with whatever it is they were doing in the first place. 

If there is anyone spending forever in the airplane toilet, chances are they are Nigerian. The Vanguard 

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