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VIP Guest: Prince Harry Expected for South African Wedding

Britain's Prince Harry is currently on a “private working visit” to South Africa and word is that he will be a VIP guest at his cousin’...

Britain's Prince Harry is currently on a “private working visit” to South Africa and word is that he will be a VIP guest at his cousin’s wedding in Nottingham Road. 

A spokesperson for the Royal Household in the United Kingdom declined to confirm online reports that Prince Harry will be the guest of honour when his cousin, George McCorquodale, and Bianca Moore of Lady­smith tie the knot this Saturday.

“We will not confirm that because that is a private matter. I can confirm that Prince Harry is on a private working visit to South Africa,” the prince’s spokesperson said on Wednesday.

George McCorquodale is the son of Neil McCorquodale and Lady Sarah Spencer, sister of the late Princess Diana. According to media reports, Prince Harry has been close to his cousin from childhood.
VIP Guest: Prince Harry will be Guest of Honour in South Africa 

The couple’s wedding website reveals that the wedding will take place at the scenic Netherwood wedding venue at Nottingham Road this Saturday afternoon. Bianca Moore’s father, Gavin, declined to make any comment when contacted on Wednesday.

“I cannot tell you anything, I am sorry,” he said immediately on being informed the caller was from The Witness. According to information posted on their wedding website, Bianca Moore and George McCorquodale met in 2011.

Under the heading “Our Story” the couple state, “We met in 2011, George, a naughty boy from England, Bianca, an innocent angel from Ladysmith. A match made in heaven! Destined to meet under the Clifton School bell. Now returning to get married in the area where all the love began.”

The attire for the wedding is “formal” and it will be an “adults only” occasion. Guests are requested via the website to note that no personal photos or cellphone photography will be allowed.

Responding to a request for information about Prince Harry’s movements in South Africa, Kensington Palace sent a statement saying he was “spending the next few weeks working on front line conservation projects in southern Africa”.

“Following the summer he spent in the region last year, Prince Harry has once again worked with experts to design a programme that will enable him to support important wildlife conservation initiatives that focus on protecting southern Africa’s wildlife and local communities,” the spokesperson said.

One of the projects that the prince will work on is the “African Parks 500 elephants” initiative which will see one of the largest and most significant elephant translocations in conservation history.

“Up to 500 elephants will be moved to a wildlife reserve in central Malawi from two parks in the southern part of the country.” according to the statement. - News 24 

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