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Wild Money: Meet the World's 5 Most Expensive Animals

There are two main types of living beings, animals and people. Some people are highly paid while some animals are highly expensive - they c...

There are two main types of living beings, animals and people. Some people are highly paid while some animals are highly expensive - they cost hundreds, thousands and nearly millions of dollars. 

They are rare, which means it could take long before you come across them, and if you do, maybe only by good luck.

Animals have generally been known be highly expensive because of their value, and this is something that has taken roots since man began trading animal for other commodities and cash. 

Here is a list of the most expensive animals in the world.
There are Only 300 White Lions Left in the World Today  

Green Monkey – $16 000 000
Green monkey is not a monkey at all - but it is a very expensive type of a horse. Having one like this will make you very rich. The horse is extremely rare and expensive because of its speed and beauty. 

It is mostly used for horse race and it has crown a winner in many competitions. This race horse was purchased by Demi O’Byrne at the Calder Race Course while it was still a 2-year old. 

Unfortunately, a race has never been won by this multi-million dollar animal. On the 12th of February, 2008 - it retired officially - but still ranks as the most expensive animals known today.

Missy - $1 200 000
Miss Missy is a white Holstein Cow - back in 2009, she won the Western Fall National Show North America’s Grand Champion title. This is actually one of the most renowned animal shows worldwide. 

Since she ended up as a champion, a lot of people rushed to buy her. Her owner paid $1 200 000 to get her home. With this being said, it should no longer come as a surprise to you that she holds the world record for being the most expensive cow to have ever been sold.

Tibetan Mastiff – $582 000
The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the most costly dogs that you can take home as a pet. The average price of this particular breed runs to about $582,000. In addition to being very expensive, it is also one of the largest dog breeds worldwide. 

The largest of their breed has been reported to stand more than 32 inches tall, with a weight of over 150 lbs. These dogs come in different colours. Pure white Tibetan Mastiffs have also been reported, but they are extremely rare.

Unlike many other breeds, these extremely expensive dogs are known for not having the same unpleasant odor that many dog owners encounter. In fact, they have long since been respected as guardians of farm animals. 

They are extremely protective, with some having killed tigers before to safeguard their flock. What is most amazing about this dog is that it does not have unpleasant smell like the one for the common dogs. 

Sir Lancelot Encore - $155 000
Edgar and Nina Otto spent a huge sum in getting their beloved deceased dog, named Sir Lancelot, cloned. The process began in 2008, when their 11-year-old dog was diagnosed  and died of cancer. 

The result being a cloned yellow Labrador ‘Sir Lancelot Encore.’ Sir Lancelot Encore is a result of a dog-cloning procedure. Edgar and Nina Otto, the Florida couple who owned the world-famous Lancelot, decided to clone his DNA after losing him in 2008 because of cancer. 

The result is Sir Lancelot Encore, who made them the winners of the Bio-arts auction that took place in San Francisco.

White Lion Cubs – $138 000
White lions can be found, but only rarely, in the South African wildlife reserve. They are not considered to be a separate subspecies yet, so it was declared that they are home-grown to South Africa’s Timbavati region. 

According to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, there are now only around 300 living white lions world-wide. They are not as the common lions breed. They are more expensive due to their white pigmentation and their unique eye colour. - Online Sources  

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