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Zim Duet: Oliver Mtukudzi, Alick Macheso Thrill in South Africa

Hundreds of fans were left clamouring for more early Sunday morning after veterans Oliver Mtukudzi and Alick Macheso gave their all to thri...

Hundreds of fans were left clamouring for more early Sunday morning after veterans Oliver Mtukudzi and Alick Macheso gave their all to thrill their legion of fans at the Ekhuruleni Boksburg Hotel.

This was the first time the musicians were sharing a stage at the expanded entertainment centre. It was a show that had quality at the expense of quantity.

The cheapest ticket was R400 which proved to be out of reach for many fans who were seen milling around the hotel pleading for mercy to pay at least half of the cover charge.

Little known Rimba Mbira Group which is based in Johannesburg kick-started the evening proceedings with a commendable show that won them new fans.

Tuku then took to the stage at 10pm with drummer Sam Mataure and bassist Enock Piroro. The katekwe music guru proved he is far from retirement with an energetic performance.
Oliver Mtukudzi 

The absence of a female backing vocalist was not felt as Tuku carefully selected his playlist that had a number of songs that fans would sing along.

Old time tracks such as Tozeza Baba, Mutserendende and others kept the fans on their feet. Tuku was then joined on stage by Macheso and thrilled their fans with a well-choreographed dance routine.

It was just before midnight when Tuku made way for the Orchestra Mberikwazvo group members who were itching to go.

As has become the norm, Macheso has mastered the art of making fans enjoy their money’s worth. It was a full band that even had the pleasure of having “substitutes” among the crowd.

Long-time members such as Donald Gogo would make appearances as and when required with the depth that epitomises Orchetra Mberikwazvo.

Tracks such as Gungwa, Baba, Mude Mude and Wandirangaridza were among the hits that the band played as the night wore on. Golden oldies such as Charakupa and Madhawu proved to be timeless as fans kept on requesting for replays.

Even as they left the venue at dawn the fans had enjoyed the night which comes in drips and drabs owing to the high costs involved in staging a live show.

A number of prominent players in the Jozi entertainment circles were in attendance. They included promoters Laston “GP” Murerwa, Welly Manyonda, Oliver Mambambamba and Victor Sithole.

Warriors captain Willard Katsande – who rarely misses a Macheso show – was also in the house and had a chance to meet and greet his fans. At the end of the show the promoter of the event Rodger Muzawazi was all smiles after the show flowed smoothly.

“This has been my desire of a show. While the venue was not packed to the rafters we had quality fans and our security team had little to do in terms of crowd control. 

"There was not even a single fight as what used to happen before. We will strive to maintain such shows going forward,” said Muzawazi. - H metro 

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