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Butcher Ambassador: Zim Man Infects 12 Aussie Lovers with HIV – What the Law Says?

Harare – 38-year-old acrobatic artist of Zimbabwean origin will return home via deportation from Australia – his crime: having unprotected ...

Harare – 38-year-old acrobatic artist of Zimbabwean origin will return home via deportation from Australia – his crime: having unprotected intercourse with 12 women – and deliberately infecting them with HIV in the process – but he is not alone.

Godfrey Zaburoni was found guilty of grievous bodily harm by intentionally transmitting a serious bodily disease – a case that went to the High Court in 2013.

He was initially sentenced to nine-and-a-half years jail in 2013 – becoming the only second person in Queensland to be convicted of deliberately infecting someone with HIV.

The charge was however reduced to a lesser one.  

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is quoted saying, “I can confirm that this person’s visa has been cancelled and he has been taken into immigration detention.”
Godfrey Zaburoni 

Zaburoni had failed character test under section 501 of the Migration Act, added Dutton – though Zaburoni’s location remains secret.

In 2017 his love became sick – and investigations were launched thereafter.

“We’re aware this gentleman has HIV and we understand he’s had unprotected se_x with quite a number of women across the country…,” the investigations unearthed.

The performer named his 12 victims – seven hailing from Queensland.

Tee Fuz, a socialite Zimbabwean man based in UK was recently arrested on suspicion of murdering Leigh-Anne Zanelle Mahachi.

The deceased was stabbed to death in her Sheffield home.

And in 2015 – Brian Banda, 40, was alleged to have committed grievous bodily harm by having unprotected sex with his partner for more than three years, the Birmingham Mail revealed.

Criminal transmission of HIV is the intentional or reckless infection of a person with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

This is often conflated, in laws and in discussion, with criminal exposure to HIV, which does not require the transmission of the virus and often, as in the cases of spitting and biting, does not include a realistic means of transmission.

Some countries or jurisdictions, including some areas of the U.S., have enacted laws expressly to criminalize HIV transmission or exposure, charging those accused with criminal transmission of HIV.

Others, including the United Kingdom, charge the accused under existing laws with such crimes as murder, fraud (Canada), manslaughter, attempted murder, or assault. - Sources 

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