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Father’s Honour: Prophet Makandiwa’s Followers ‘Besiege Newspaper Over Magaya Link’

Question: To what extent can one go to protect the image of a servant of God – well, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s followers can teach us...

Question: To what extent can one go to protect the image of a servant of God – well, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s followers can teach us a lesson on true allegiance.

Recently, scores of United Family International Church (UFIC) congregates besieged a local publication demanding a retraction they deemed demeaned their prophet.

The tabloid’s offence: The Standard, an independent Sunday publication had wrongly captioned Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa as Prophet Walter Magaya’s spouse.

Magaya – another irresistible Harare prophet is facing rape allegations.

UFIC admirers could not fathom the ‘connection.’ Soon after the publication, hordes of supporters stormed the paper demanding the ‘editor’s head.’
White Garment Members Confront Police Details in Harare in 2014 

The paper has since noted the booboo. A printed retraction was subsequently done.

“In yesterday’s issue of The Standard, our sister paper erroneously identified Ruth Makandiwa. We unreservedly apologise to Makandiwa and the United Family International Church for the embarrassment caused…,” the sister daily, Newsday apologised.

Nonetheless, NewsDay deputy editor approached the boob with laughter on his twitter handle.

Zimbabwean politicians are tiring, but there are angels compared to these church people, spent two hours discussing a wrong caption

“Lol – had scores of them packed at our offices from about 9am, baying for editor’s head. They think it’s deliberate”.

His superior and publisher Trevor Ncube was defiant and satirical about the episode: “Again the difference is the same. A Magaya is as bad as a Makandiwa. I have no time for these people.”

The show of support is trending though but not alien. The bible advocates for the defence of servants of God.

And during the trial of Prophet Magaya in Harare recently, his faithful flocks besieged the courts in a public exhibition of loyalty.

In a seemingly show of defiance – soon after his bail release, his subsequent Sunday service resembled a hero’s welcome, as admirers gave him a thunderous endorsement.

The public defiance is not isolated – these cliques seem to take a cue from white garment sects.

In May 2014, rowdy apostolic congregates in Harare unleashed their anger upon nine Zimbabwe Republic Police details, ZBC media crew and a church governing board member.

The victims’ transgression: seeking to bar a racket within the religious sect for recruiting virgins into compulsory polygamous marriages. 

Shamed and incarcerated Robert Martin Gumbura's 11 wives defended their man until the final day for rape various crimes - and even today, they remain loyal and defiant. 

Gumbura, the founder of Independent End Time Message is currently serving a 40-year jail term.

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