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Hell on Earth: Thugs Burnt to Ashes

Only two days earlier, they cleaned out an old man's house, robbing him of all his belongings. But for some reason the thugs went ba...

Only two days earlier, they cleaned out an old man's house, robbing him of all his belongings.

But for some reason the thugs went back to his house and dropped his ID on the front step- and that's when they were caught.

Residents watched as two of the thugs were beaten and burnt to death.

"We had to do something. We couldn't take it anymore,” said one of the residents of Braamfischer phase 3 in Soweto, Zenzi Khumalo (36).

She said the thugs posed a serious danger to the community. “We formed a patrol committee just to make sure these culprits are caught and dealt with.”
People's Justice 

She said they had heard the thugs were not from the area but that a car dropped them off in the middle of the night to steal from the houses.

Zenzi said the thugs wore masks and could not be identified but twice they had threatened victims with firearms while robbing them.

She told the SunTeam on Saturday morning at about 3am, the patrol team heard a whistle being blown at a nearby house and ran towards it.

“That’s when the patrollers saw the three suspects running away and gave chase,” said Zenzi. She said two suspects were caught while the third one managed to escape.

“They were beaten and stoned before being set alight.” When Daily Sun arrived at the scene, the naked, charred bodies were lying in the street with burnt tyres on top of them.

They had been badly beaten and blood lay in big pools in the road. Residents at the scene told Daily Sun the thugs had been terrorising them for some time and they were fed up.

“They got what they deserved,” said one resident. People told Daily Sun a man who had been robbed two nights before had blown the whistle and the residents came running.

Zenzi said: “He told us he heard footsteps in his yard. “He looked through the window and saw the men going out of the gate.”

She said the house owner, who was scared of being identified and refused to speak to the People’s Paper, came out of his house and found his ID book on the doorstep.

“When they were beaten they confessed to stealing and robbing many houses in the area,” said Zenzi.

Residents said as he was set alight, one of thugs was heard screaming that he wanted a cellphone so he could call his mother.

Nobody in the crowd could identify the thugs. Gauteng SAPS provincial spokesman, Captain Kay Makhubela, confirmed the incident.

He said the police were unable to say who the thugs were. “We will wait for the post mortem to identify them.” The police are investigating murder charges but no one has been arrested yet. - Daily Sun 

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