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Prophet Isaac Makomichi: 'President to Win 2018 Elections'

Opposition parties fighting President Mugabe are wasting their time as the veteran leader was anointed by God and will lead the “country un...

Opposition parties fighting President Mugabe are wasting their time as the veteran leader was anointed by God and will lead the “country until death”, Masvingo-based Miracle Healing and Deliverance (MHD) founder Prophet Isaac Makomichi (21) has said. 

The youthful prophet, who has taken Masvingo by storm through his healing powers and prophecies that come to pass, said he had been shown a prophecy predicting another emphatic Zanu-PF victory in the 2018 harmonised elections.

The revelation by Prophet Makomichi comes as the Zimbabwe Indigenous Church Leaders’ Association (ZILA) has also ruled out victory by local opposition parties against Zanu-PF in the next elections.
President Robert Mugabe 

ZILA president and Zion Christian Church (ZCC) Kumuka Kuvakafa Bishop Lyphet Matenda corroborated that President Mugabe’s long rule was an anointing from God.

Addressing an MHD evening church service in the Masvingo industrial area on Tuesday, Prophet Makomichi also revealed that attempts by a coalition of opposition parties to unseat President Mugabe would suffer a stillbirth.

He said the opposition political parties were making their task of trying to remove President Mugabe from power even more difficult by working with the country’s foreign enemies.

He said President Mugabe was even anointed to lead the post-independent nation of Zimbabwe by other indigenous prophets in the late 1950s and 1960s.

“I saw a vision when I was praying showing me President Mugabe still in power after the 2018 elections and I heard a voice coming from above declaring that only God will remove President Mugabe from his post when the time is right,’’ he said.

“President Mugabe will hang on in the highest office in the land because Zimbabwe is still at the mercy of its enemies both externally and within the country’s borders. President Mugabe has got a mission and once that mission is finished, I see a new leader coming in,” he added.

The MHD founder, who started his prophecy as a 10-year-old when he was still a member of the Johane Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Church, also predicted a rebound of Zimbabwe’s economy on the back of the recovery of the country’s agricultural sector.

“I see God blessing Zimbabwe with abundant rains and food, the hardships and suffering that visited upon this country are close to ending because starting with this year, our country will be blessed with good rains that will fill dams and rivers and I even seen wild animals surviving in an era of plenty.”

He warned opposition political parties to refrain from pursuing violence to achieve political power saying God was against bloodshed.

Prophet Makomichi said the local currency would return with bank queues for cash ending if Zimbabweans kept on praying to God for solutions and pulled in one direction. - The Herald 

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