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Ritual Murders: See How Your Body Parts Cost, Used?

Harare – Vusiwana Baloyi – a traditional healer cum ritual murderer will spend the remainder of his life in prison for brutally killing Mer...

Harare – Vusiwana Baloyi – a traditional healer cum ritual murderer will spend the remainder of his life in prison for brutally killing Mercy Ndou in 2014 – the furtive practice usually targets children, regarded as ‘pure and sacred.’

“We are just praying that jail will give him enough time and maybe one day he will talk and we will find the missing parts,” Ndou’s stepdad pleaded.

Even after such a stern verdict – the family cannot find closure. And other body parts remain missing.

“This is the worst of the murders, cruelty at its worst, and after looking at all the evidence I find no compelling circumstances that could lead me to deviate from the minimum sentence rule,” the Limpopo High Court in South Africa ruled.

This was a relief to Vhembe after a peak ritual murder season in the community.

Why ritual murders?

Body parts are basically used for traditional medicine – and murders increase in political and economic stress periods, research has established.
Traditional Healers are Blamed for Ritual Murders 

The witchcraft practice is most common in southern Africa – though no figures have been tabulated due to secrecy, controversy associated with the exercise. 

However, evidence plus recent convictions – such as Baloyi earlier has proved that the brutal act is a reality.

Brutality in action

Perpetrators are usually men, according to online facts – while women are accomplices to a lesser degree.

Usually, a traditional healer is hired to assist someone with medicine to ‘strengthen personality or business.’

The resultant medicinal effects must cause the patient to ‘excel financially, in politics or other chosen sphere of influence.’

Interestingly, mutilation is not done to kill – but the resulting wounds will inevitably induce death.

Most priced parts

Private body parts top the list of ritual murder medicine. Most excised include soft tissue – eyelids, lips, scrota, labia – though entire limbs have been severed.

Removed parts are mixed with other herbs to create the final medicine, often consumed or applied in chosen places.

Limbs, brain and skulls are believed to cause a boom in business – while private parts are used for fertility rites.

Notable cases
A headless, limbless torso belonging to an unidentified boy found floating in the Thames in 2001, confirmed a voodoo ritual killing.

The mutilated five-year-old was allegedly smuggled into Britain, drugged – then sacrificed and later dumped into a flowing river.

Scientific techniques traced his origins to Nigeria. Joyce Osiagede, arrested for the murder, claims the boy was Ikpomwosa.

“They used him for a ritual in the water,” Joyce claimed.

A black magic portion was identified in his body, consisting of clay pellets with small particles of pure gold.

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