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Tiyambuke 2016: Day 2 – Live Timeline from Bethel Worship Centre

Chitungwiza – Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) enters its second consecutive day – and will give you live ...

ChitungwizaTiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) enters its second consecutive day – and will give you live updates from the Media Centre at Bethel Worship Centre.

Until the last day, we will give a timeline of events at the yearly gathering.

Thursday, 01 September – Day 2, Morning Session 
10:00: Congregates start to arrive for the mid-morning session
Tiyambuke 2016, Day 2 

9:30: Intercession commences in preparation for the morning session

10:00: Glory Ministries Praise and Worship ensemble leads congregates in praise song, showcasing robust dances clad in immaculate, matching regalia.

10:30: Apostle Pride Sibiya now on the stage to speak on Responsible Sons and Daughters. You are a soldier and you must have a sword to protect the vision that God gave you. Defend your servant of God in your life.
Apostle Pride Sibiya at Tiyambuke 2016 

10:45: If you love the anointing, you must love the container as well. Anointing need to be packaged - don't ululate when your father is being persecuted.

11:00: Take revelation about your servant of God to the outside world.

12:00: Be a responsible son or daughter to your ministry and father. Fulfill your ministry's vision but you must be responsible.

12:30: Apostle Chivaviro now on stage as people share their inspiring testimonies to the congregates.
Apostle Toggy Chivaviro 

1:00: Apostle Chivaviro says, when God speaks, heaven response. If you have a dream with divine visitation, put a seed and pray over it, just like Solomon.

1:15: When we sinned against God, we became ruins. God is looking for someone to stand in the gap for the Kingdom to grow.

1:30: God equips the called, He does not call the equipped. Joshua was always with Moses he had no significant position.

1:45: God looks at those who serve the gap. If you serve the anointing, God will remember you.

2:00: How do you tap into an anointing you don't serve.

Evening Session 
6:30: People are arriving for the Tiyambuke 2106, Opening Night. Dress code is Glory Ministries regalia. The chilly night is pregnant with expectations as people trust God to take them to a new dispensation.

6:45: Glory Ministries Praise and Worship now on stage. Synchronised moves from the immaculately dressed ensemble.

7:00: Evangelism team takes the stage together with Afro Centric spreading the gospel of Christ.

7:30: Amanda Sagonda now on stage churning the popular tune, 'Munoti Mwari Havazive'. Crowd appreciates her popular tunes and dancing along. She samples her forthcoming album.

8:00: Praise and Worship leads people into a worship spirit. The atmosphere is pregnant with anticipation for the Opening Night of the yearly conference themed: Stir up the Gift. Tiyambuke is a vernacular Shona word which means to crossover.

8:15: Overseer Chinoruma introduces Apostle Sibiya. The Glory Ministries founder sings popular hymn 'Jerusalem Ndiwo Musha' together with the Praise and Worship team. He introduces other pastors from various churches.

8:30: Apostle Sibiya introduces his spiritual father, Apostle Alexander Chisango - the main speaker fro the night and a servant of God who speaks on Kingdom issues.

8:45: He says, even if you have never held the bible, Gave gave you a gift, that's why you you are alive today. God has put something in you just like Samson.

9:00 You are here because God has discovered you. You have an opportunity to stir up your gift.

9:15: The gift God, if do not use it even in troubles, you can be destroyed by simple things. God's gift acts in a different way but it has to stirred up. A gift has nothing to do with history nor experience but depends on God's election in your life.

9:30: Your gift is a rod of God but does not happen when not stirred up. God's gift is without repentance. When God sends you, He has destroyed what you fear - obstacles fall when you move not sitting.

10:00: The money is in the gift. When God say go - do not wait. Your gift is your secret to your strength.

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