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Whatsapp Leak: Catholic Priest Caught in Se_x Storm

A Chegutu catholic priest is at odds with congregants for allegedly dating a married woman from his parish.  Father Willie Muzondiwa’s al...

A Chegutu catholic priest is at odds with congregants for allegedly dating a married woman from his parish. 

Father Willie Muzondiwa’s alleged illicit affair with Fungai Magidi reportedly came to light after the latter’s married lover, Francis Marimo came across their romantic WhatsApp chats in her mobile phone.

The chats are circulating on social media. However, the man of cloth denied the allegations saying Marimo is the one who confessed to cheating with Mai Magidi leading him to confront him after he discovered messages in her mobile phone.

“I am not in love with Mai Magidi but its only that I came to Chegutu in 2012 after graduating as a priest and discovered that the congregation was divided and I introduced a new administration committee,” said Father Muzondiwa.
Catholic Leader 

“We were realizing US$120 monthly and that is not enough to cover costs and we agreed to introduce membership cards with records of a monthly contribution of $3. 

This did not go well with other members and they tried to plot my downfall, Mai Magidi was supportive as a chairperson for women. When working together with someone, you end up sharing challenges and I strongly believe that is why parish members singled her out. 

“The following day Marimo posted the messages on a church whatsapp group and the members were planning to demonstrate against me. I asked a fellow priest stationed at Mhondoro to exchange with me so as to avoid the demonstrations. 

"I came to understand what our lecturers were saying when they warned us on the challenges faced in doing the ministry work,” said Father Muzondiwa.

Marimo is alleged to have been dating Magidi for the past 15 years following her husband’s relocation to the United Kingdom. 

Mai Magidi is alleged to have organized a dinner and bought a suit for Father Muzondiwa to thank him for looking after the parish, raising suspicion among the congregants. 

Father Muzondiwa was recently forced to conduct mass in Mhondoro after church members threatened to demonstrate against the alleged unholy union with Magidi.

Mai Magidi and Marimo refused to entertain H-Metro to give their side of the story. However, H-Metro has it in good authority that the story reached the bishop and there is speculation that the transfers are imminent following the love scandal. - H Metro

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