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Tiyambuke 2016: Where Demons Submit, God’s Gifts Imparted…

Chitungwiza – Under the influence of his imposing command via the microphone, people unconsciously fell – demons wailed under his voice – c...

Chitungwiza – Under the influence of his imposing command via the microphone, people unconsciously fell – demons wailed under his voice – crying out loud – with a dying submissive, final kick – departed silently.

His breath freed a new lease of life.

This spiritual act transpired on the last day of Tiyambuke International Christian Conference (TICC) 2016.

The occasion showcased the power and deliverance gift embedded within the servant of God, Apostle Pride Sibiya – the originator of Glory Ministries.

Expectant congregates streamed to the Impartation Night – a night signifying the conclusion of the yearly gathering.
Deliverance Session During the Impartation Night at Tiyambuke 2016

Above 4 000 people converged for the final episode of Tiyambuke 2016.

“God has sent me to impart something good from me into your live. There cannot be impartation before deliverance,” he said before embarking on a deliverance session.

Possessed congregates vomited foreign objects. Spiritual spouses wailed as they freed their hosts. Marine spirits wormed out – received by an appreciating applause by spectators.

The deliverance act signified the word Tiyambuke – a term referring to crossover from lack to a position of plenty.

He however cautioned against pursuing signs and wonders as it is against biblical dictates saying that these actions will trail us instead.

On the night, Apostle Sibiya wore and revealed his five-fold ministry. He later revealed the secrets of impartation.

“The spirit you respect – you will also attract. You receive impartation by hearing – but you must be careful whom you listen to. The deeper level of hearing is obeying. Secondly you receive it by sight.”
A Woman Receives Her Deliverance at Tiyambuke 2016 

The third way is by touching – even by the servant of God. You also need to touch the heart of a servant of God by standing with them. Jesus died for souls to be saved.

Again, Apostle Pride Sibiya’s release of breath sent people shaking and trembling as what God had revealed to him as he prayed.

The 2016 edition of Tiyambuke coincided with Apostle Sibiya’s 21 years anniversary in ministry – plus his birthday on September 5.

2017 Tiyambuke will concentrate on Mega Souls and churches.

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