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Tiyambuke 2016: Day 5 – International Mega Sunday Live from Bethel Worship Centre

Chitungwiza – The International Mega Sunday is set to put a lid on the hugely successful installment of 2016 Tiyambuke International Christ...

Chitungwiza – The International Mega Sunday is set to put a lid on the hugely successful installment of 2016 Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC).

And – as usual – will give you live updates from the Media Centre at Bethel Worship Centre.

Sunday, 32 September – Day 4, International Mega Sunday
10:00am: Intercession team makes way for the Praise and Worship and team to lead congregates in song and dance.
Praise and Worship Ensemble During the International Mega Sunday at Bethel Worship Centre
10:15: The International Mega Sunday will witness some servants of God being commissioned and released to various assemblies by the founder, Apostle Pride Sibiya.

11:00: Various acts and testimonies being presented by various assemblies at the International Mega Sunday.

11:30: Various assemblies take opportunity to appreciate the servants of God, Apostle Sibiya - this is a yearly opportunity to tap into the grace upon the servants of God.

1:00: Apostle Sibiya on stage. If you understand God's gift - you can do things. I want you to demonstrate your gift, it will flow - stir up your gift. Don't be like an animal - you go to church because you want a name. When you receive a name, continue to be humble. Don't be too proud against God.

1:30: What you do, the spirit can see you. Be disciplined when God has raise you up. When good happens to you - thank God for that. The work has just began, Mega Souls are our portion. Jesus did not die to create professions for Pastors - he died for souls to be saved.

2:00: 2017 will be a year of Mega Church: Year of 10 000 souls. It was our desire to populate Heaven and depopulate hell. I deercree increase in your life. Let all nations come Jesus - I declare an enlargement of your finances.
Apostle Pride Sibiya at the International Mega Sunday 

Advantages of a Mega Church
2:15: If you preach, you will become rich. Don’t full everything – we need more souls. We are not there to compete – but move with our vision.

2:30: We don’t use souls to get money – we use money to get souls. Take care of your servants of God. We need to fulfill the vision on our lives. Many prophetic messages are being reviewed that many people will follow you. A mega church was the hallmark of the early church.

2:45: It generates large crowds – it easy to move in the spiritual in bigger crowds. It means more evangelism. We must take as people to Heaven. I want fame in Heaven not on earth. Mega church means more prayer. A big church brings financial muscle and different gifts are released. It brings more workers and much more work is accomplished.

3:00: Apostle Sibiya now ordaining Elders and Pastors from various Glory Ministries district assemblies, while Elder Zano ordained as Strategic minister.  

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