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His Presence Ministries: Pastor Petunia Takes Over Church

His Presence Ministries International (HPMI)’s Pastor Petunia Chiriseri has taken the reigns at the church following the death of her husba...

His Presence Ministries International (HPMI)’s Pastor Petunia Chiriseri has taken the reigns at the church following the death of her husband Apostle Charles Chiriseri in a car accident last month.

Presiding over Apostle Chiriseri’s funeral service in Bulawayo last Saturday, former Zambian Vice President and Victory Bible Church Pastor, Dr Nevers Mumba ordained Pastor Chiriseri to lead the church. She becomes one of the few female pastors leading big churches in the country.

“Apostle Chiriseri died during the prime of his life and the church has lost a mentor, we have lost a great man but God is never careless, He saw it fit, it is not a trial and error thing.

“God knew that you (Pastor Chiriseri) is capable of moving ahead with His work as the leader of HPMI, God has confidence in you, pursue and you shall recover,” Dr Mumba said.
The Late Apostle Chriseri and Wife Pertunia 

He went on, “God is expecting you to raise the standard, not maintain it. Please don’t disappoint, the best is yet to come from HPMI.” Dr Mumba also told the gathering that Pastor Chiriseri has what it takes to lead the ministry.

“This is why God miraculously saved her,” he said. Dr Mumba asked the congregation to pray for Pastor Chiriseri as she prepares for her new role. HPMI senior Pastor Edmore Shumba said Apostle Chiriseri laid a firm foundation for the church.

“Here is a man that I have walked with for 25 years. I observed a few things, he was consistent and non-compromising with regards to the kingdom of God.

“He had amazing wisdom, he spent private time discussing intimate things. The man is gone but the vision lives, it will outlive him.

“He taught us to be good leaders, he challenged us to desire the presence of God and he challenged us to know the vision by heart,” said Pastor Shumba.

Apostle Chiriseri founded His Presence Ministries International Church which has 10 branches across Zimbabwe and more in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

At the time of his death, he was a member and leader of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) and Council of Apostles. Apostle Chiriseri, who was buried at Lady Stanley Cemetery in Bulawayo, died on the spot on September 15, 2016 when the vehicle he was driving hit a donkey along the Harare-Bulawayo Road near Mbembesi.

His wife, who is a member of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, sustained serious injuries and was hospitalised for more than three weeks and was was discharged on October 18. - The Sunday Mail

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