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Illegal Settler: Sangoma Causes Headache for City of Harare

The battle between Kuwadzana-based traditional healer Ithamar Mudzengerere and the Harare City Council rages on with the former claiming th...

The battle between Kuwadzana-based traditional healer Ithamar Mudzengerere and the Harare City Council rages on with the former claiming there are forces in council against his practice.

In an interview with the Weekend Post, the healer said since 2013, he has been applying for space to practice his medicine without any luck.

In August, during a full council meeting, Kuwadzana councillor Wilton Janjazi complained how Mudzengerere had remained defiant as an illegal settler on council property.

The 39-year-old healer said the issue arose after he was approached by someone who wanted to construct a service station on the land.

“This white man offered to give me land adjacent to the service station but I told him it was municipal property.
Sangoma in Trouble with City Council 

"A few days later, HCC came and razed down my shrine but were deterred after one of the holy cloths floated in the air. I have never been in confrontation with any municipal employees or management,” he said.

The father of two said he does not want no fight council but instead only wants them to assist him but HCC is being unfair to him.

Mudzengerere said his idea is to construct a banya (traditional centre) where people can come and conduct their ancestral business without offending anyone.

He, however, denied any links to any politicians, arguing that he only heals people based on their totem and not political affiliation.

“I am not in this for the fame or money. I only charge $5, one packet of cigarettes, 1kg of rice and one bottle of …(beer) as consultation fees. My services are diversified because I cast out evil spirits, heal and advise on what to do with spirits and ancestors,” he said.

He, however, indicated that his problems with council may be coming from jealous witch-doctors who he exposed for their misdeeds.

“These people are now using their relatives in council to have me evicted. The community has no problems with me and is very happy with the work that I am doing. I have not received any complaints since I started working here,” Mudzengerere said in fluent English.

Janjazi said Mudzengerere was simply taking advantage of council’s diplomatic approach to situations. He said if he wants somewhere to conduct his business, he should follow proper procedure and be patient while his request is being handled.

“No one is afraid of the potions or medicines that he concocts in his shack. He was approached by municipal police three times but is very defiant. In the end, we may be forced to use force to evict him,” Janjazi said.

The former Johane Marange apostolic sect member said he was born with the gift but only started acknowledging it in 1992 when he was only a teenager.

Mudzengerere, who is referred to by his clients as Mambo Jena, was born in Mumbwa Zambia but is from Wedza under Chief Svosve.

The last child from a polygamous family of 18 wives holds a Diploma in Marketing and operated bars and a service station before heeding the call from his ancestors. - Weekend Post

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