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Pulpit Witchdoctor: People Ignores Prophet Madungwe's 'Rapture Claims'

Thursday October 20, 2016 came and went with Zimbabweans going about their business - Prophet Talent Madungwe of the Exile Desire of All Na...

Thursday October 20, 2016 came and went with Zimbabweans going about their business - Prophet Talent Madungwe of the Exile Desire of All Nations Ministry had claimed that God would visit the country on the day, marking the end of the world. 

The little known preacher, who only has 13 followers on Facebook, said God Himself would come to his church in Sunningdale, Harare.

As the day passed, The Sunday Mail Religion tried to get in touch with the 29-year-old Prophet Madungwe so as get updates on his “prophecy” but alas, it was all to no avail as he was not answering his mobile phone. 

Inquiries via SMS were not responded to. Prophet Madungwe’s conduct has since come under a barrage of criticism with some men of cloth labelling him blasphemous.
Prophet Talent Mudungwe Rapture Claims were Fake 
The prophet made the claims of God’s visit on August 29, 2016 following what he said were previous physical visits to God in heaven on two separate occasions – January 1 and May 20, 2016. 

He added that his 29th birthday was celebrated in heaven during his first visit. Impact Christian Centre (ICC) founder and lawyer Pastor Davison Kanokanga said the Bible clearly states that no one can see God and live.

“Honestly I don’t know what he meant when he said God was going to visit him. The Bible in John 4 says God is a spirit and those who worship Him will worship in truth and in spirit,” he said.

Pastor Kanokanga said Christians should be guided by the word of God. “People should be cautious lest they fall prey to the devil,” he said.

Roman Catholic’s Father Francis Muchema encouraged people to test every spirit before believing.

“My 40 years’ experience in the ministry has taught me a lot. What we are experiencing these days is more dreadful, especially to Christians who have no personal relationship with God.

“We need to test every spirit because Jesus said Satan will try to deceive the very elect in the last days.

“God is a spirit and can visit everyone anytime. To me, this claim for a physical visit is nothing else but blasphemy,” he said. Fr Muchena said the young crop of prophets is experimenting with the word of God.

“Now I doubt if these prophets really know who God is. What they are doing and saying leaves a lot to be desired,” he said. Salvation Army Captain Tinotenda Ndau said such utterances should be expected because the Bible foretold it.

“Most of these preachers are looking for relevance and people should be in a position to discern between the right and the wrong. Long back, the Bible warned us about these things, it’s up to us to make informed decisions,” he said.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Mail Religion, Prophet Madungwe insisted that he met God physically in heaven.

“I still maintain my word, I can see God face to face and speak to him,” he claimed. The main agenda that I have with God is to finish the meeting that we started in heaven. Even during the time of Noah people were saying there is nothing like that because they had never experienced rain, that is the same issue,” he said.

During the Mai Chisamba show on ZBC television, he said even if people doubt him, he will stand by his words.

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