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'Satanic Currency': Pastor Shingi Munyeza Attacks Bond Notes

Harare - Faith Ministries Senior Pastor and renowned businessman, Shingi Munyeza has called the intended surrogate Bond Notes currency as &...

Harare - Faith Ministries Senior Pastor and renowned businessman, Shingi Munyeza has called the intended surrogate Bond Notes currency as 'satanic', becoming one cleric to attack the impending introduction. 

In a sermon recorded on video, Pastor Munyeza attacked the monetary measure said to boost exports and ease the current liquidity crunch.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will introduce bond notes in coming weeks, backed by a US$200 million Afreximbank facility. 

Contacted for comment, Pr Munyeza declined to discuss what he says in the video. Pr Munyeza is not new to controversy as he has in recent months posted inflammatory statements on social media criticising Government programmes.
Shingi Munyeza 

The clergyman – who runs gambling houses and clubs – has cast his political colours as an activist bent on inciting rejection of bond notes. In the sermon titled “Current Affairs: Prophetic Exhortation”, Pr Munyeza declared described bond notes as messengers from Satan.

He claimed he thrice approached God about the “thorn in the flesh” he called bond notes and the Lord told him the notes would be introduced as planned.

“There is something that is hidden behind that which looks not-so-right because what the enemy intends for evil, God is bringing something that will redeem us right now. We can’t sit there and watch and say, we can’t touch this; I am not going to do anything …

"But I am telling you that we have to go through the dip-tank, go through this trial, we gonna take this cup not because (God) has allowed this thing to happen.

“This thing called the bond notes is not from God, it’s a messenger from Satan to buffet us; wait for it to come, let me tell you actually they are delaying.

“Behind this bond note thing there is actually a breakthrough for all of us. I shall bring hope for you, God has allowed this thing to happen. God has made His strength so perfect in this weakness that we are going through, Amen.”

In recent months, Pr Munyeza has come up with controversial statements titled “10-Point Plan to Run Zimbabwe Limited” and “What I would have done with the US$200 million facility”.

Under his 10-point plan, Pr Munyeza calls for massive civil servants retrenchments and reversal of the indigenisation policy. He criticises historic land reforms that have seen around 300 000 black families benefiting from farms previously held by just 6 000 whites.

He, however, called for the removal of illegal Western economic sanctions on Zimbabwe saying, “No need for market restrictions in a free world.”

Bond notes will be introduced to curb capital flight and ensure they are only used in Zimbabwe, the notes will work in the same way as bond coins and are pegged as equivalent to the United States dollar. - Sunday Mail 

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