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Cursed Spouses: Nu_de Photo, Fake Prophecies Rocks Church

Victory Church International pastor, Paul Mwamba’s prophecies are reported to have wrecked three marriages, forcing him to excommunicate fo...

Victory Church International pastor, Paul Mwamba’s prophecies are reported to have wrecked three marriages, forcing him to excommunicate four couples from his ministry over the allegations.

Pastor Mwamba is accused of advising married men to look for other wives if they are to get riches from God saying their wives are cursed. His prophecies came into the spotlight after one of the praise and worship members Clarity Muza allegedly sent her nu_de photograph to married Kibambi Frank Kitenge.

Pastor Mwamba, a divorcee, denied wrecking marriages saying he ordered the couples out of his church to protect the church after Clarity’s nu_de photograph circulated on smart phones in the church.

Frank received a prophecy from Pastor Mwamba that his wife Diana Kitenge was cursed and he would not get rich unless he separated with his wife and he obliged and is now in love with Clarity, revealed the source.
Pastor Ruined Marriages 

“The church is being destroyed by the leader who is giving false prophecies to please single mothers who are serving in his ministry and Frank’s 13 year marriage was wrecked,” said the source.

Frank’s wife confirmed the mishap saying she discovered Clarity’s nu_de photograph in Frank’s mobile phone and the matter ended at Harare Central Police Station forcing her and her husband to be ordered to leave the ministry.

“I want to believe that Pastor Mwamba’s ministry welcomes angels who do not sin because the way we were chased away from his ministry remains a mystery to me,” said Diana.

“He gave my husband a prophecy during church service that I am cursed and will not receive wealth from God if I remain Frank’s wife.

“What kind of prophecies are those that destroy marriages? And a few days after that prophecy Clarity sent a nu_de photograph to my husband.

“Pastor Mwamba dismissed us from his church but to my surprise he is taking my husband behind my back and is visiting Chinhoyi church branch with my husband. He takes sin offering charging them US$50 and some pay as much as US$100 and I failed to pay that sin offering.

“Clarity is seeing my husband and they have plans to marry being supported by Pastor Mwamba. Clarity confirmed cheating with Frank but denied the nu_de photograph saying it was doctored and she never sent it to Frank.

“To be honest as a single mother I fell in love with Frank aware that he was married but the marriage was not intact,” said Clarity. “After his wife came with the photograph before church leaders I decided to separate with Frank because the issue ended at Harare Central police station where we received counselling.

“That photograph is doctored musoro ndiwo wangu chete not the body and legs. Who brought the story to you press since we have resolved it in front of Pastor Mwamba and secondly to police. The photograph started circulating at our church services and I later discovered that it was Frank’s wife who posted it on social media.

“If this story sees the light of the day surely I will sue the person posting my photograph, I have since separated with Frank and Pastor Mwamba vakavadzinga muchechi medu,” said Clarity.

Clarity could not lead praise and worship for two weeks following the circulation of her nu_de photograph before she was reinstated.

Frank could neither confirm nor deny the allegations threatening to take H-Metro to Harare Central police station where the issue was dealt with. “Do you know that it is unlawful to publish that story, I am going to save your contact number and consult police officers at Harare Central police station to get you arrested,” said Frank.

One of the affected couples is one of his senior pastors Reginald Tirivanhu who dumped his wife and is reported to be in love with one of the ushers Sharon. Pastor Mwamba told H-Metro that he has good plans to restore Frank and Diana back into the church after Christmas saying he is preaching forgiveness and encouraging his members to exchange gifts.

“It is true that I sacked some couples out of Victory church because of their behavior especially Diana and Frank would publicly fight here at church,” said Pastor Mwamba. “I was very cross especially with Diana for circulating a nu_de photograph of Clarity only to come to me after everyone had seen the picture, I ordered her with her husband Frank to leave my church.

“Frank failed to respond after I asked him why Clarity’s nu_de photograph was discovered in his mobile phone. If Clarity marries Frank I will curse her since Frank is legally married to Diana.
“Some other couples had issues that were threatening church moral values and I also asked them to leave my church but one of the partners (Pastor Reginald) returned and is here with us.

“After Christmas I will allow them back since we are preaching messages of hope and forgiveness and I have good plans for Diana and Frank in my ministry so I am ever communicating with them.

“I am a builder of marriages not a destroyer as what other people want to believe, next year we are going to look after orphans and this Christmas our church is going to distribute goodies to orphans and widows,” said Pastor Mwamba.

Asked if he gave prophecies that Diana had evil spirits that cause her husband poor, Pastor Mwamba said Diana was used to utter words while possessed and it was from those words where she talked of evil spirits from her family that were wrecking her marriage.

“Diana was still to be delivered from evil spirits that manifested during church services and she would utter words although demons’ words cannot be taken seriously,” said Pastor Mwamba. - H Metro

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