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Goodbye Hayatou: Reasons why Chiyangwa, Africa Supported 'Underdog' Ahmed for Caf Presidency

Harare – Compliments to new Caf president, Mr  Ahmed Ahmed , though his reign might be short-lived because, his campaign manager doubling a...

Harare – Compliments to new Caf president, Mr Ahmed Ahmed, though his reign might be short-lived because, his campaign manager doubling as Zifa and Cosafa boss and others might have other hidden notions. 

Captain Fiasco – is a skimmer, he once skimmed his way out of a political quagmire with his silky moves.

Chiyangwa once brought the late king of pop music – Michael Jackson to Zimbabwe – and drove him in a limousine. And when the entrepreneur brought Fifa president Gianni Infantino to Harare – he had revived his smooth criminal moves. 

 Both Zimbabwe and Madagascar are football minions – but the underdogs plotted to ouster a man feared on the continent. When Chiyangwa won Zifa presidency, he gunned for the Cosafa presidency. And after lifting it – he championed an unknown Ahmed to win the seat, but he might harbour selfish agendas.  
New Caf President

To those in the know, Chiyangwa can dribble his way out of trouble. He did it when Zanu PF dumped him for supposedly peddling party secrets in search of the elusive greenback. But like a true hero, he somersaulted to renew his political interests.

Now back to football matters.

Madagascan Ahmed win has given hope to those who attempted to challenge Hayatou previously in his 29-year reign – Chiyangwa included. Many now believe they can now challenge the lesser respected character, as opposed to Hayatou who had established a fireproof wall around his rule.

Indeed, the Cameroonian had prolonged, becoming a cabbage – but was Ahmed the right choice for the demanding post or his backers sought to bring a weaker man, who can be easily swayed as compared to the former.

Any challengers during Hayatou’s reign were either dumped or disciplined. Chiyangwa has a corrective case pending for labeling Caf executives ‘cowards and cronies’ for refusing to stand against their former boss. He did not stop there, as he proceeded to challenge any attempts to silence him.

“When you try to do something, you mean that you can do it. If I can’t do it, I will never stand,” said the 57-year-old father of two to journalists. As anticipated, Hayatou sidestepped reporters after his humbling downfall.

Hayatou has been trailed by controversy, just like Chiyangwa. The Sunday Times of Britain accuse him of receiving $1.5 million bribe to vote Qatar to win the 2022 World Cup seven years back.

After the long-awaited departure of African football godfather, the position will surely rotate going further – and nobody will stay for long in the post. Today, African football has been liberated – but it is still game in terms of football politics.

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