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Philip Chiyangwa: 'How I Made Ahmad to win the Caf Presidency'

Zifa and Cosafa president Philip Chiyangwa said the country had accomplished its mission by ousting long-serving CAF president Issa Hayat...

Zifa and Cosafa president Philip Chiyangwa said the country had accomplished its mission by ousting long-serving CAF president Issa Hayatou from power.

The Harare business tycoon claimed they had liberated African football from a monster. Chiyangwa returned home yesterday to a rousing welcome at the Harare International Airport where close to 100 supporters welcomed him.

He was fêted like a rock star. A number of buses and luxurious cars brought the airport to a standstill. But the man, who was Ahmad’s campaign manager and is widely expected to reap benefits from the new executive, said he has done his part.
Zifa and Cosafa President, Philip Chiyangwa

“The mission for Zimbabwe was to remove Issa Hayatou. The way that the organisation will be run is a totality, it’s a united approach and there are people now who have taken the mandate, who we believe will serve our purpose.

“Let them meet and start doing their own thing. As a confederation (COSAFA) we will present our demands. It is a process,” said Chiyangwa.

Going forward, the businessman said the elevation of the Malagasy football leader means the whole region will stand to benefit.

“Right now we have to cut better deals for this region. I cannot say for Zimbabwe, you understand, but for the region.

“There was nothing that was coming here from the CAF leadership, but we have been liberated and this is now about saying, this country will do this, Zimbabwe will host this tournament in the coming months and so forth,” said Chiyangwa.

He was in a jubilant mood as he addressed the supporters at the airport before he invited them for lunch at a local five-star hotel.

He enjoyed the luncheon surrounded by his daughters and sons, his wife and a small delegation he was with in Addis Ababa which included ZIFA vice-president Omega Sibanda and board member Philemon Machana.

Chiyangwa admitted that he would have faced a serious backlash had his candidate lost the election.

“The victory that has been achieved so far was my own art, and that’s particular artistry is now what we find going forward.

“What we have done is to simply say that everyone is tired, and you can see what this guy (Hayatou) would have done if I had not achieved this victory.

“The emperor would have come after me isn’t it, so because I have achieved this victory it means I am liberated and I have liberated many people who saw this person as biased, inept and very difficult to work with.

“So I have totally silenced this guy. I challenged not only one person, but the entire executive. How can people say that let’s have you for a hearing simply because you had a birthday party?”

The COSAFA president added that the victory was crafted last month during his birthday celebration only to be delivered in Addis Ababa on Thursday.

“We were sitting there, the council for removing Hayatou is what you saw at the birthday party. Those were the architects that determined to remove him.

“I was holding 14 votes, I am the biggest confederation on the African continent, I am the biggest controlling unit and that is why I put the person there,” said Chiyangwa.

He, however, said he could not say if he was interested in a CAF post. “Let me announce when we get there. Did you know I was bidding for COSAFA? But I am now the president.” - The Herald

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