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Sendekera Video: Jah Prayzah, Mafikizolo Collabo Divides Zim

Just after midnight on Wednesday while most of his fans were in the restful embrace of sleep, Jah Prayzah released the song and video Sende...

Just after midnight on Wednesday while most of his fans were in the restful embrace of sleep, Jah Prayzah released the song and video Sendekera, his much anticipated blockbuster collaboration with Mafikizolo.

As the sun crept up the eastern part of the sky early Wednesday morning and fans began shedding the bliss of sweet dreams or shaking off the terrifying grip of nightmares, word began spreading that finally Jah Prayzah’s team had let loose the collaboration that all had been waiting for.

By mid afternoon, when the sun had risen to its full blinding brilliance, social media had done its work and many were scrambling to listen to this epic collaboration between these two titanic acts separated by the Limpopo.
Mafikizolo Collaboration Causes Storm

The numbers, as to be expected with anything with the name Jah Prayzah in it nowadays, were astonishing. By 3PM, the video had already amassed over 50 000 views on YouTube. It had already also been viewed countless times on other social platforms. Numbers don’t lie, but they also never tell the full story.

After all the talk and build-up, the question is did the song or video meet the expectations fans had before its midnight release? The song itself will undoubtedly become a hit, not only just because of the undeniable star power of the artistes involved, but because it is the sort of song that will be easy for fans to sing along to.

This, for better or worse, is becoming a defining characteristic of Jah Prayzah’s music. His style and vocals have not been altered from his previous smash collaboration with Diamond Platnumz on Watora Mari.

Thus, the song is typical Jah, and critics are likely to point out that he is merely serving a pint of old wine in a new bottle, although this concoction will probably prove as intoxicating as his work with the Tanzanian superstar.

What gives the new song its own unique flavour is producer, DJ Maphorisa.

Ever since his acrimonious departure from Uhuru, where he was accused of being a snake snatching food from the mouths of comrades that he had starved with, Maphorisa has shed his old skin and reinvented himself as a man that blends sounds into a venomous, uniquely African concoction.

As expected, on Sendekera he also does not miss a step, giving the song a danceable rhythm with his trademark drums while the bass guitar dominates throughout. This domineering bass makes sure that Jah Prayzah does not entirely lose the contemporary sound that won him his stripes in the music industry.

Although she features only for a brief moment solo, Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Nciza shines, giving the song a bit of the vocal prowess that has seen her shine on songs for over a decade and a half. The video itself is perhaps the best representation of Jah Prayzah’s change of strategy and image.

Many have noted that he has tweaked his contemporary sound to suit the Afro-pop sounds that dominate Africa, and his videos have been the best indicators of this departure. Jah has ditched the military attire that was an integral part of his wardrobe in past videos and replaced it with shiny urban wear that would not look out of place on a rapper.

Gone also is the cast of dancers and band members that one associated with Jah before his image change. While the likes of Gonyeti’s curves might have been enough to satisfy local audiences, Jah maybe thinks that such heavy set women cannot be bent to suit regional or continental tastes. 

Instead, slim, nimble footed women dominate the video. One thing that seems to have caught many is Jah Prayzah’s enduring infatuation with women in school uniform.

This time the object of Jah’s obsession is Nciza and although she does not flaunt as much flesh or bring out the raunchy moves that made Eriza famous, she proves that she is still a bombshell years after she started turning heads in showbiz. - The Chronicle

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