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Crocodile Attack: Why Lameck was not Arrested?

Harare – The police could have stalled Lameck Makwiramiti Chimoka aka ‘Wrong Turn’ or ‘Crocodile’ spiraling reputation – though they have n...

Harare – The police could have stalled Lameck Makwiramiti Chimoka aka ‘Wrong Turn’ or ‘Crocodile’ spiraling reputation – though they have not done so, yet – but observers are still wondering why.

Since his viral public outrage, denouncing a dead person who allegedly abused his daughter – Angelica – after she eloped to her home, Lameck has ignited social networks.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
After the slur, Lameck threatened to shoot down flocks at the burial with a catapult, prompting the police to send warning shots to the media hit.
Lameck Makwiramiti

Lameck’s unsavory utterances at the graveside have been closely associated with deceased’s death, according to her relatives. A Tumba family member says the dead woman’s relatives believe her death could be linked with differences with Lameck.

Furthermore, Lameck said he woud deal with the Tumba family, and make sure they also suffer like her abused daughter, and probabaly they feared a spiritual backlash from the angered man.

However, police coud not arrest him since no report was made.

“As police, we exist to maintain peace. Anyone guilty of such crime will be arrested. Even when wronged, no one has the right to threaten other people. He must be arrested and appear before the courts,” pronounced Zimbabwe Republic Police, Chief Superintendent Pau Nyathi.

Lameck could have been incarcerated under the laws of the land, after threatening people and sending them seeking for cover in Harare recently.

“POSA and Criminal Codification Act do not allow people in possession of weapons at public places. These include: catapults, knives, guns, axes and any other harmful weapons,” added Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi.

The deceased’s husband – Regis Tumba charged that Lameck was a ‘gold digger’.

“My wife was an ice cream businesswoman while Lameck lives in poverty. He wanted his daughter to be married with my son so that they can benefit from our wealth. She did not pour urine at his daughter as it is alleged by Lameck.”

Despite the persistent denial, Lameck is seeking compensation from the Tumba family.

“I am seeking a cow as compensation to close this case. My daughter is a hairdresser and the boyfriend spends her earnings. The two are in love, but the deceased did not approve the affair,” said Lameck.

According to African beliefs, pouring of urine is heavily associated with witchcraft common during sporting events, which Lameck vowed to put to an immediate end.

“I was angry that an elderly woman would urinate in a bucket and pour it in my daughter’s face. We know that urine is used to unmask evil things. My daughter is the third victim, and I am warning these witches that we will sort them out,” said Lameck to a local vernacular, Kwayedza.

Angelica says the two are in love, though their relationship needs counseling. Tafadzwa – the boyfriend also admitted he loved Angelica, his girlfriend. The mother of one encouraged parents to forgive their children, saying youths should desist from any sexual activities.

“My daughter now takes her slary to her boyfriend who chased her, meaning she was bewitched,” beleieves Lameck.

In the viral video, Lameck said, he wished there was a television in Heaven to see the deceased, and he wanted to pursue and torment her. He further bragged of taking care of the child, showing off a tan boot he bought for the toddler.

Media houses have been relentlessly tracking the 42-year-old man to extract his views and subsequent outburst during a burial, in contrast to African beliefs of speaking ill against the dead. – Online Sources

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