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Wife’s Confession: “Why I Love my Boyfriend more than Husband”

Harare – Goromonzi communal area is renowned for garden farming – but it has since adopted notoriety for churning bizarre stories. Recentl...

Harare – Goromonzi communal area is renowned for garden farming – but it has since adopted notoriety for churning bizarre stories.

Recently, a married woman has left the community perplexed after she openly stated that she loved both her husband and boyfriend – but she adores the latter more.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
The boyfriend, a self-anointed prophet agreed the existence of the relationship, though he was elusive at first after an interview with a locale vernacular tabloid.
Cheating Wife

Violet Choto, 24 has been married to Jeremiah Mutapiri, 38 – but has been sexually involved with Prophet Ishmael Zindonda after she consulted him for spiritual deliverance for her bareness, they ended up in love.

“We were married in 2010. In 2015 I had a boyfriend because my husband is ‘useless’ but my boyfriend perform better in bed. I still love my husband, even though I don’t use protection with my boyfriend,” confessed the woman.

The two are planning to have a child together, and then elope to South Africa afterwards. Violet is contemplating dumping one of her two lovers, though the decision is tough.

The cheating wife says she was not going to tell her husband of her pregnancy. Zindoga was elusive when interrogated by Kwayedza.

“I attend to many people, so I don’t know whom you are referring to. I was no her in 2015, I only came in 2016.”

After telephonic communication between the two was revealed, Zindoga accepted that he was in a promiscuous relationship.

When he was approached by the media for his comment, Jeremiah nearly collapsed.

“I was told of the relationship in 2015 but I refused. She often said she was tired. She did not do any household chores and I am doing everything myself. She often leaves the house claiming to visit her mother, but she will be visiting her boyfriend,” said Jeremiah.

The angered husband has since declared war on Zindoga, whom he says he taught when he was still in school. Jeremiah also paid fees for her wife to further her education, after failing her ordinary level.

Efforts by the media team to extract more from the accused nearly turned violent, as Zindoga’s relatives threatened them. The reports were accompanied by the local headman.

“We don’t want you here with your media crew, otherwise we will beat you up,” threatened the gang.

The headman was unmoved, saying he will evict the family from his area for causing confusion.

“They want to chase me from my area even though they are foreigners. I don’t want to see them here anymore. I will take this case to the chief. We cannot keep a woman snatcher among us.”

Violet’s mother has claimed ignorance to the developments. As of going to print, Jeremiah has since divorced his wife. – Online Sources

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