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St. Mary’s Township: Awakening, Reviving the Old Giant

Harare – St. Mary’s township never sleeps.  As day submits to darkness – juvenile girls conveniently position themselves to lure men seeki...

Harare – St. Mary’s township never sleeps. 

As day submits to darkness – juvenile girls conveniently position themselves to lure men seeking to quench their lust. 

As nighttime beckons, robbers sharpen their weapons, set to pounce on innocent prey. Drugs, just like vegetables are readily accessible to anyone, anytime. 

Overcrowding, token service delivery, drug abuse, prostitution, pseudo Christian movements, plus crime – are some of the notable ills threatening to contaminate Chitungwiza’s oldest suburb. 

In 1985 – an answer was delivered to the community to transform, deliver and empower lives.

 “In my community there is serious poverty. Continuous training and empowering the people has helped us a lot as we see our members prospering and supporting the work of God. Many people are not employed and this affected us in funding God’s work,” narrates Apostle Farai Muzari.

Apostle Muzari has been ministering the word of God in the area since 2004, launching his church, Kingdom Fellowship Ministries International (KFMI) in 2009. 
Apostle Farayi Muzari Founder of KFMI
Born in a God-fearing family, the servant of God was not swayed by the mischief engulfing the community, electing to be resolute in the Kingdom of God.

“I surrendered my life to Jesus on the 6th of February 2004. I then received a calling to ministry in 2006 and went to bible school in 2008.”

He proceeds, “In 2009 God mandated me to start a ministry which I launched on the 2nd of May 2009. From that time, up until now I have been in ministry.”

This year – 2017 – the ministry commemorates eight years of existence. His foundation for staying in the ministry for long is God.

“Before one sets up a ministry he needs to be sure that God is behind that move. Ministry is not something that a person wakes up and says I’m now an apostle and I’m starting a church.”

Spiritual guidance from seasoned gospel ministers and trusting in God, are his three core pillars of a prolonged ministry life, discloses the servant of God, whose spiritual father is Apostle Pride Sibiya, the founder of Glory Ministries. 

Congregates occupying every open space and rock outcrops within St. Mary’s – purporting to be worshipers, are common. Sadly, cases of rape, abuse of trust and mock deliverance are often swept underground.

“Fake preachers are more concerned with their welfare than anything else. Their teachings focus more on how to succeed in life than souls. They do not practice what they teach. They are man-pleasers,” cautions Apostle Muzari.

Pride, lust and greed can ruin a pastor's ministry life, warns Apostle Muzari.

“They preach in a way that pulls the crowds. They don’t really condemn sin or teach on the consequences of sin. They rarely teach on hell. They are very proud. They don’t take corrections. They are also not accountable to anyone.”

On traps that can make a pastor to falter, the humble servant is forthright.

“The main pitfalls that ruin a pastor’s call are fame, adultery and power. Many pastors in the quest of doing great things end up going to the wrong sources for fame and power,” he adds, “also, since pastors are loved by their congregations they fall into the trap of adultery and fornication.”

Quizzed on how his church remains thriving, he states, “Our ministry is one of the churches that teaches sound doctrine and empowers its members to become the best that God has created them.”

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