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Bizarre Union: Brother and Sister in Love, Husband Chased Away

Harare – It is a love affair made in hell. The Gokwe community is stunned with the ongoing blood brother and sister public show of affectio...

Harare – It is a love affair made in hell. The Gokwe community is stunned with the ongoing blood brother and sister public show of affection.

So intense is the affair that the couple has even declared their love publicly ignoring acts that outlaws such bizarre unions. The brother’s love for his sister even prompted him to attack and chase away her sister’s husband in order to enjoy the incestuous relationship.

The two, Moses Dhlamini 45 and Shamiso Mhesi aged 33 are relatives since their mothers are blood sisters, and both agree to the peculiar setup that has left the community puzzled.
Moses Dhlamini Pic by Kwayedza

Shamiso husband broke the news of the affairs after he caught the two having sex on many occasions. Elders from the area tried to intervene but they failed to separate the two.

“My real husband is Jonathan Muchena, but Moses my brother is just my boyfriend. We fell in love after he divorced his wife, while my husband abandoned us leaving us without any food,” said Shamiso to a local vernacular Kwayedza, adding that the affair began in 2012 after the husband deserted the family.

According to the sister, the two fell in love not aware they were relatives since they grew in different areas.

“Community elders revealed that we are relatives, but we were in love for a while. I fell in love with Moses so that he could fend for my family, while he fled his responsibilities,” she said.

But the husband says he is being victimised by Moses.

“Moses comes to sleep here until the afternoon. Cheating must be done in secret, that is what I wanted but they are exposing everything. But now I don’t want him here because he is chasing my children away,” mentions Jonathan.

The love triangle has turned abusive as Shamiso complains of Moses’s hidings, even though he takes care of her.

“Moses takes care of me but he is abusive and I don’t love him anymore although he insists on the affair since he lost a lot of money. I even reported to the police and headman but nothing has worked in my favour,” added Shamiso.

Moses had taken over the upkeep of the family, sending Shamiso’s children to school among other needs.

“I spent a lot of money on her, even sending her children to school and building a house for her. We fell in love ten years back and even if I leave her, she follows me,” said Moses, maintaining he is prepared to compensate Jonathan for snatching his wife.

The village headman said he tried to harmonise the warring parties but everything fell through, while Shamiso’s son insists he will deal with Moses until he vacates his father’s homestead. – Kwayedza/

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