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Gifted or Possessed: 'Pastor Becomes an Animal in Bed'

Pastor Milboy says he’s smoking hot in bed - and once he gets going, he can keep it up for hours at a time, but his exploits have left him ...

Pastor Milboy says he’s smoking hot in bed - and once he gets going, he can keep it up for hours at a time, but his exploits have left him a lonely man.

For more than 15 years, pastor Milboy has struggled with unstable relationships. His girlfriends continue fleeing from his beast approach when he enters the bedroom.

“For many years women have run away from me. I confess. When I make love to a woman in my bedroom, I become uncontrollable,” said Pastor Milboy Baloyi (38) from Makuleke Village, Limpopo.
Man Can't Stop in Bed

“The problem is caused by the supernatural powers I possess in my body. I can go for as long as three hours at a time. I have realised most women can’t stand it. For many years women have run away from me.

“My problem started when I lost my virginity. I went on for hours and my girlfriend couldn’t take it. The next thing she left my bedroom without saying goodbye.”

He said this happened 20 years ago, before he gave his life to God. “At the time I thought it was normal but I realised there was something wrong when I lost a girlfriend almost every month.”

Milboy was ordained as a pastor in 2003 to preach the word of God in taxi ranks and shopping malls. About six months ago he met a most beautiful woman after preaching a powerful sermon in a bus in Malamulele, Limpopo.

She was the woman of his dreams. “I fell to temptation and took her home with me, where I made love to her. That night I nearly killed her with bumps and grinds. I went on for two hours without a break when she begged me to stop.”

Pastor Milboy said the woman left his home early in the morning and that was the end of his relationship. He never saw her again.

He said the women in Makuleke Village were no longer interested in him because they have heard about his extra powers in bed. He is worried because age is no longer on his side.

“I’m running out of time. I fear I will end up not having a wife and children of my own. I appeal to women out there to give me a chance. They must understand my sexual powers are a gift from God and accept me the way I am.”

The SunTeam spoke to one of the pastor’s ex-girlfriends. The 30-year-old woman said: “Pastor Milboy is dangerous in bed.

“Once he’s on top of you he can go on and on all night, non-stop. Even if you try to make an excuse that you need to go to the bathroom, it doesn’t end. I warn those women who know that they are weak not to take a chance and get into bed with him.” - Daily Sun

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