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Juveniles Abuse: 60 Years for Rape Criminals

The government will move in to counter criminals convicted of raping minors and the disabled, while risking at least 60 years imprisonment,...

The government will move in to counter criminals convicted of raping minors and the disabled, while risking at least 60 years imprisonment, according to a latest proposed Amendments to the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:33) on minimum mandatory sentencing. 

With many cases recorded daily, the move is a strong signal that the Government is upset with the prevalence of se.xual violence.

The Information Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe said the decision followed widespread concerns over a surge in s.exual violence or rape.
Rape Victim

“Following widespread concerns over the rising of the heinous crime of se_xual violence or ra_pe, Cabinet considered a proposal on the above matter and resolved to come up with more deterrent measures to stamp out the crime.

“Accordingly, the Government resolved as follows: (a) that a sentence of 60 years of imprisonment be imposed for cases of ra_pe of minors between 12 years of age and the disabled; and (b) that a sentence of 40 years of imprisonment be imposed for the rest of the cases of ra_pe or sod_omy,” said Dr Mushohwe.

Cabinet noted that there was a need to protect society.

“These drastic measures have become necessary as a means to protect our society against perpetrators of this inhuman crime,” said Dr Mushohwe. President Mugabe has spoken strongly against se_xual abuse on several occasions.

In 2014, he called for a nationwide campaign against abuse of women and children saying imposition of stiffer penalties on perpetrators alone was insufficient to curb the crime.

President Mugabe said his weekly briefings from Police Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri showed disturbing child se_xual abuse statistics.

“We are given reports about children who are se_xually abused. In some cases they are ra_ped by their relatives, in other cases by their fathers for ritual purposes. I don’t know why this is happening.

“It’s a real epidemic, every Monday when we get a report from the Commissioner-General you have children who would have been abused, abused by the elders and in some cases by the fathers. A child of four months or three months!

“And then there are ra_pes of teenagers and ra_pes of grown-up persons then even women of my age. An innocent grandmother. Why? That is very bad,” said President Mugabe on March 26, 2014.

He was speaking at belated International Women’s Day commemorations in Harare. In 2013, President Mugabe had again bemoaned the continued abuse of women and children.

Addressing guests at a dinner, President Mugabe said:

“Men be very careful. We are going to make it very, very tough for you. Chiefs, warn men who ra_pe children. They do so on claims that doing so treats some illnesses, or it makes them lucky or to get rich, warn them to stop. No molestation of youngsters, no molestation of women. We are going to increase sentences. – The Chronicle

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