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Wicknell Chivhayo: 'I will be Angered with Less than 50k Lobola'

Motormouth businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivhayo – more popularly known as Sir Wicknell – will pay lobola (bride price) for his beau ...

Motormouth businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivhayo – more popularly known as Sir Wicknell – will pay lobola (bride price) for his beau Sonja Madzikanda this weekend, it has emerged.

In a social media post recently, Chivayo boasted that he would be disappointed if his in-laws charged him less that $50 000 for lobola.

Although he has previously scorned Zimbabwean women, Harare-based Madzikanda has apparently stolen his heart. According to close sources, she is an accountant at a city firm located close to where Chivhayo’s Mercedes Benz got clamped last month.
Chivayo and a Zulu Girl 

Media has revealed that the fiancée’s father is a David Madzikanda who works for at the University of Zimbabwe’s School of Commerce while the mother, Tabitha, is a manager with FBC bank. The family lives in Chisipite.

Contacted for comment last night, the father confirmed the planned ceremony. “It is supposed to be a private event and I cannot comment to the press at this stage,” said the lady’s father.

However, without giving reasons, Chivhayo contradicted his prospective father-in-law and claimed that the function was off.

“The function has been postponed, maybe until December,” he said when called to comment three minutes later but today on social media, he confirmed the function is still on.

He posted, “He who finds a wife finds himself a GOOD THING and obtains FAVOUR from the lord……We always give thanks and praise up above…..This is the day that the Lord has made , we will rejoice and be glad in it…”

Multi-million-dollar tender scandals, a lavish lifestyle and association with the First Family, all touted through his social media postings, have made Chivhayo popular and, to some, infamous.

Madzikanda’s fiancé has in the recent past been giving hints that he was readying to be a family man. Although he pranked many after posting a photograph of a South African woman he had “married”, Chivhayo then posted a video on Instagram this February with is true love.

Without giving away her identity, Chivhayo admitted to Harare tabloid H-Metro that she had captured his heart. The relationship however, dates back to around 2016, sources said.

The unapologetic show-off has been dogged by various allegations including claims that he bedded his friend’s wife which he refuted.

Others have also claimed that he is gay which he denied in a June 14 Facebook post where he is pictured holding a curvaceous lady’s bottom. He captions the photograph “who gives a F**K what a hater gotta say this is how GAY people hug GIRLS now that’s what’s up”.

Chivhayo always reminds his social media followers that he was not born into a rich family but “worked hard” to amass his wealth. - Online Sources

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