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Blood Money: Man Bashes Mother to Death Over $500

Bulawayo - When they say, the love of money is the root of evil - they were not wrong. And now, a 42-year-old Tsholotsho man allegedly bash...

Bulawayo - When they say, the love of money is the root of evil - they were not wrong. And now, a 42-year-old Tsholotsho man allegedly bashed his mother to death with a knobkerrie in the presence of his daughter, for spending his money. 

Jabulani Moyo failed to control his temper when his mother, Catherine Ndlovu, told him that she had used his $500 for the family’s upkeep.

The accused allegedly had been giving his mother money earned from doing menial jobs from 2014 to keep for him. After the misunderstanding, he allegedly struck her several times on the head using a knobkerrie, leading to her death.

Chief Gampu confirmed the incident.
Man Arrested After Killing his Mother 

“I have been notified that a man from my area killed his mother over money and I am yet to get full details. At the moment I am not home and will visit the family and attend the funeral when I travel back home,” he said.

Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese could not comment on the incident. However, a police source close to investigations said Moyo was in police custody.

“The murder suspect was living with his mother aged 62 and daughter in Makhaba Area of Tsholotsho under Chief Gampu.

“He was in the habit of doing piece jobs for other villagers and would ask his mother to collect his wages and keep the money since 2014.

“On Monday evening while they were seated in the kitchen hut, he asked for his money which had accumulated to about $500,” he said.

The now deceased reportedly failed to give her son the money and an argument ensued.

“His mother apologised and explained that she had been using the money to buy food and other necessities at home. This did not go down well with Moyo who went out and armed himself with a knobkerrie,” said the source.

Moyo started assaulting his mother while demanding his money. “When his mother fell unconscious, he ran away from the hut leaving behind his daughter aged four,” he added.

“His younger son notified police in Tsholotsho who in turn attended the scene and started investigations. Moyo was arrested and the knobkerrie he used in killing his mother was recovered. - The Chronicle

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