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Soul Jah Love: Singer Goes 'AWOL' Fans Threatens 'Murder'

Zim dancehall chanter Soul Jah Love- real name Soul Musaka- has angered South Africa fans after ‘snubbing’ two shows over the weekend.  H...

Zim dancehall chanter Soul Jah Love- real name Soul Musaka- has angered South Africa fans after ‘snubbing’ two shows over the weekend. 

He was billed to perform in Durban and Pretoria last weekend. The media is in possession of a video of more than 15 fans scolding at the chanter and have promised to deal with him.

“We came from faraway places so that we attend the show. Tabhadhara ndege. Tichamubata… Soul Jah Love..., taimbokuona semunhu we mhando yepamusoro. Toda kukuita rough, vanhu wakatora ma loan vachiti vakuda kuenda kushow kwaJah Love…. 
Missing in Action and Wanted Man

“Vanhu vakatora ma off nekutenga hembe new one nekubooker mahotera iwe woti hauna passport, how can you waste our time here? 

“Me I am shoot and kill … unonzwa sei, chimbomira kumwa Ngoma. .. hakuna show yauchaita muno muDurban and chero ukaita kuPretoroa touya ikoko ukuda kuita chiMbare chakol kunpo kuDurban… goes part of the video.”

Chizybanks, who was behind Durban show, said they have rectified the matter and he will perform next month. 

“Soul Jah Love told us that his passport was at the British Embassy but it was too late because people had come from different places. We had a positive talk with his manager to make up for the fans”.

Zimfest Entertainment added: “There was a problem with his passport. People were just angry but everyone likes Chibaba. I ill update you as soon because we want Jah Love to work with South African musicians,” said Zimfest Entertaiment representative.

Soul Jah Love manager Benjamin Nyandoro clarified the misunderstanding.

”I can confirm the incident but the situation was beyond our control. The passport was at the embassy and we could not do anything. We issued the statement to our fans and they understood our stance. We then decided to offer two free shows to our fans who are in Durban and Pretoria. 

On the issue of anger of the fans that resulted in filming a video, to us we see it sechitsvambe to us. It shows us that Soul Jah Love is on demand in and out of the country. We promise to make up for the fans,” he said. - H metro

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