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Cracking Codes: 12 Weirdest Rules Followed by Royal Family

The Duchess of Cambridge might make it look easy, but becoming a member of the royal family is a complicated business. Not least because t...

The Duchess of Cambridge might make it look easy, but becoming a member of the royal family is a complicated business.

Not least because there are hundreds of points of etiquette and codes of conduct to remember – and some of them are quite bizarre.

There are rules governing how and what you eat, what you wear and when and even what games you play at the family gatherings.

Even the children’s outfits are subject to strict dress codes which is why you always see Prince George in tailored shorts and never in long trousers. In fact, there too many Royal rules to list them all, so we have picked a selection of our favourites.

Women must wear hats at all formal occasions, providing they take place during the day. After 6pm, however, they are replaced by tiaras. Only married women can wear tiaras. A woman seen at a function with no tiara is single and available.
Royal Family Weird Rules 

When he turns 12, Prince George will no longer be able to fly in the same plane as dad Prince William, in case of disaster.

No matter how much in love William and Kate may be, you won’t see them holding hands on an official engagement.

Public displays of affection are considered uncouth. On a visit to Leeds Building Society in 2008, Prince Andrew revealed the property board game was not allowed at Royal gatherings because “it gets too vicious.”

At a formal dinner, HRH chats to the person seated on her right during the first course and switches to the person on her left during the second course.

In a bid to avoid food poisoning, shellfish must never be eaten by the Royal family. If a royal needs to leave the room during dinner, they cross their knife and fork to let staff know they haven’t finished their food.

When they are done, the utensils are placed at an angle with the handles at the bottom right of the plate. Another code to staff is that when the Queen places her handbag on the table, the meal is over and when she shifts it from arm to arm she is bored and wants to move on.

They can’t wear fur. King Edward III banned all royals from wearing fur in 1137, although this rule has been broken. Kate and William suffered a backlash in 2016 when they wore traditional scarves trimmed with otter fur in Canada last year.

When sipping a brew, royals are expected to pinch the handle of the cup with their index finger and thumb, with their middle finger across the bottom of the cup to keep it steady.

Chin placement is important. When royal women pose for a picture, they should hold their head straight with their chin parallel to the ground.

The Queen does not allow her beloved dogs to be reprimanded. They also get fed gourmet meals prepared by an in-house chef and hand-delivered by a footman. - BBC

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