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Intoxicated Future: Drug Abuse, a War Against Humanity

Harare – It takes a village to grow a child. Yet – daily, parents walk into a nearby drug haven to obtain their regular illicit dose.  Afte...

Harare – It takes a village to grow a child. Yet – daily, parents walk into a nearby drug haven to obtain their regular illicit dose. 

After their fill, they wander off, searching for whatsoever means to return for more. The criminal compound is forever busy. 

From dawn, consumers file in to trade stolen items for a dose of death. The welcome offered to customers guarantees their return.

By @Comic24Derick

An informer remarks that law agents are regulars, allegedly seeking enticements – just like on roadblocks. The rumoured kickbacks ensure another child’s life is destroyed, permanently.

As responsible citizens, why must we wait for the law to save our children’s future? Are our collective piecemeal actions nurturing an intoxicated generation?

Drugs don’t discriminate. Affluent families are not spared the wrath. Children skip school to spend a day at these havens sprouting across the country. Addiction is a vice that ruins lives, while research says they affect school performance.

A promising student from our area abandoned his studies due to excessive use of broncleer – a cough syrup taken for its intoxicating contents. His life is now dim with a regular run-in with the law.

He is not alone.   
Drug Abuse is Now Rampant in Zimbabwe 
A relative lost his family due to drugs. Day-to-day, he swallowed pills meant for the mentally challenged supplied by dubious pharmacists. His wife could not hold on, the physical abuse was increasing.

Today, he is struggling to recover. Drug abusers are more likely to abuse others, inside and outside their homes. Violence and neglect overhauled the relationship.

Sadly, death induced by drugs could not spare a childhood friend. Reports say he consumed not less than seven bottles of broncleer per day. His body failed to sustain a torrent of abuse. Surgeons could not save him from becoming another victim either.

Abusers become daring with their lives. Suicide and sexually transmitted diseases are some of the risks.

When I finally reunited with Mark, he resembled a skeleton. During our school days, he exhibited traits of rare intelligence. He could have become a doctor, now his aging mother nurses him.

“Every time I take him to the hospital for medical attention, he acts normal. I have tried my best and now I am too old,” lamented Marks’s mother, during my recent visit.

Drug abuse affects families. Mark’s mother had to leave everything to tend him. She is a widow, relying on her other children for their upkeep. “I don’t know what will happen to him when I die,” she retorted as our parting shot. Private rehabilitation is expensive for most families, restoring to a spiritual exorcism if ever they find out.

Our borders have become porous, thanks to greed political malcontents and employees manning these avenues. Rampant drug smuggling must be declared a war on humanity to preserve our future generations.

Dishonesty by law enforcers is everywhere. Even after visits from police, these havens still operate unrestricted.

A joke on social media denotes a young man, asking why he should be sober whilst the country is also drunk (economic downturn). Hopelessness is hazardous. Youths resort to drugs to forgo their troubles.

Even the employed have joined the dire train, risking losing their only source of income and attracting permanent injuries. A surge in public transport accidents has been attributed to substance abuse by drivers.

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