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Naked Hypocrisy: Fight for Zodwa Wabantu’s Panties, as Country Burns

Harare – Zimbabwe is engulfed by scarcity in every dimension.  Investment, cash, drugs and water top the list of deficiencies.  Yet – a r...

Harare – Zimbabwe is engulfed by scarcity in every dimension. Investment, cash, drugs and water top the list of deficiencies. 

Yet – a ripple debate is raging whether to permit – a debauch performer, branded as an escort to parade her ‘private assets’ at the Harare International Carnival.

So passionate and viral is the dispute that forgotten actress, Anne Nhira convinced the government to bar the dancer from Harare.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Ironically, Nhira – with her previous fame eclipsed, choosing to relocate to South Africa – Wabantu’s nation, has seized the occasion to resurrect her waning career.

But tarry a while – with her underclothing on Wabantu becomes ordinary – she will not attract the fame that local tourism bosses saw in her, since she thrives on that controversy.

For the record, Wabantu has gained respect for deserting her underwear – electing to appear scantily dressed – thereby attracting the attention of renowned brands willing to pay her a fortune in order to propel their products.
Much Ado About Nothing 

In short, Wabantu’s nakedness is selling and rejuvenating brands – more than anything else. So, with her panties on, she may cease to be as popular. Ironically, this is what has airlifted her fame across borders – Zimbabwe included, landing her a gig in Bulawayo recently.

Sex is mega business – that is not a secret. The Samba girls invited to the fête will also parade their bodies as well – so what is immoral with Wabantu. Since her rise to stardom, she has never appeared naked, meaning she respects her boy – at least.

The carnival is about tourism – and tourism thrives on sex – whether we like it or not. And this is the platform for such characters to shine.

The swiftness by the minister to respond to the issue is astounding, while they drag their feet on other topical issues.

“As soon as the officials responded to her (Nhira), those that did not agree with her chose to say she’s Patrick Zhuwao’s side dish. Now, what does that mean for young ladies that need to approach the government?

“It means you cannot write to the minister and you cannot engage with a minister,” reasoned Patrick Zhuwao, acting Tourism minister.

As anticipated, Wabantu is not pleased, she feels undressed.

“I’ve seen Anne’s letter where she’s saying I shouldn’t come to the carnival because I dress too revealing and that I’m not a Zimbabwean. I want to respond to her saying the invite is not about being Zimbabwean.

“It’s about me being invited to push tourism through dance, music and just having fun so people tolerate each other because we’re all different,” she announced, sparking debate of a fallout.

It pains the commoner that a minister is engaged in such debates, when the majority is struggling to access cash, jobs and basic drugs. Now morality becomes a priority more than our daily needs – what a shame.

But the dancer has the last say.

“I’m Zodwa, an entertainer. Whatever I do is for entertainment. How do they know if I wear a panty or not? I was asked if I wear a panty and I said I don’t,” she declared.

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