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TM Pick n Pay: A Zimbabwean Shopping Nightmare

Harare – Before the cash crunch, shopping was a pleasant outing. Shop employees were dedicated to serve their client with verve. But now, ...

Harare – Before the cash crunch, shopping was a pleasant outing. Shop employees were dedicated to serve their client with verve.

But now, if you are carrying cash, you become a ‘temporary king’ – and any other transactions are deemed inferior – yet it is not any client’s choice, rather a national occurrence.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Due to the vicinity of TM Pick n Pay shop to my residence, it is my regular stopover, and I have recorded ongoing declining values.

‘Cash is king’
With the increased use of plastic and mobile money, employees have hatched tactics to greedily feed their pockets, to the detriment of client satisfaction and tarnishing the brand. Customers care has been adjourned.
Shopping Nightmare at Local Supermarket 

At TM Zengeza 2, in Chitungwiza, service delivery is now compromised. Often, till operators are on the lookout for cash transactions and it has become common to be ignored if you are performing a non-cash payment.

While shopping recently, a till operative bluntly told me ‘she had no airtime tokens in her system’, minutes after assuming her shift. This was a misleading invention, since I was transacting with a MasterCard.

While cash shortages are national, supermarkets must approach clients equally and not offer cash back for a fee, thereby promoting corruption. Often, till operators are clandestinely transacting with cards, stashing cash intended for consumers for their personal gain.

Monitoring system
There must be strict monitoring strategy – and with the barefaced fraud at TM, the system is either non-existent, being overridden, inadequate or all of the above.

After the removal of the fresh grocery section, the manager assured me that it would return soon after renovations. Almost a year later, the vegetable section at Zengeza TM is still invisible, demoting the importance of a health shopping.

The butchery section remains a health hazard. Meat products on sale are often of low quality or rotting. Discolouring is a clear sign of concern.

During the just concluded cooking pans competition, there was a curious development. At TM Joina City, after submitting my form with stickers, the staffer disappeared to retrieve my prize – no stamps, to prove that it was entered into the system to avoid a reclaim.

Customer base
One trusts the current competition is free of such discrepancies, otherwise sponsors will be shortchanged. Also, we trust the shift to TM Pick and Pay is not mere rebranding without perceived results.

If these snags persist, please note you have lost a loyal customer, and others will soon follow. My protests to supervisors were definitely ignored, sensing that these employees are colluding to ruin an ancient brand.

Though other competing outlets are not performing better, my encounter at TM Supermarkets continues to be a nightmare.

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