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Cameroon Research: Catalyst for Socio-Economic Development

Yaounde - In a bid to promote scientific research and enable citizens get the best out of it, government did not only create a Ministry of ...

Yaounde - In a bid to promote scientific research and enable citizens get the best out of it, government did not only create a Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, it equally created many research institutions and placed them under its tutelage. 

Government and the business community may need redoubled efforts to solve the funding equation that haunts the sector.

On October 18, 2017, hundreds of researchers from the Ministry and these institutions met in Yaounde in the fifth edition of the annual Scientific Convocation under the chairmanship of Minister Madeleine Tchuinte Tchuente to reflect on how to make their works contribute more efficiently and effectively to socio-economic development. 

It is evident research and innovation is not necessarily driven by failure. In most cases they are prompted by the desire for improvement. The elite in this sector say they are driven by the desire to make life better for everyone reason why they meet to examine their performance and chart a way forward.
Cameroon Minister 

The assiduity with which local researchers are contributing to Cameroon's development in recent years is visible in several domains. For instance IRAD has contributed tremendously in mitigating the effects of climate change on agricultural production. 

For a country whose economy depends greatly on agriculture, the importance of this structure cannot be undermined. Besides creating variety of seeds for cassava, maize, sorghum, rice among others to up production and fight food insecurity, the institution recently created seeds that are resistant to climate change. 

MIRPOMALO for its part is continually devising new methods for stabilising bricks and promoting construction of structures with the use of cheap but durable local materials. Recent innovations now provide citizens luxurious and average cost local materials in addition to the cheap ones the institution has been producing in the past. 

The national institution of cartography is equally hailed for mapping out national boundaries. The stabilisation of troublesome Lakes Nyos and Monoun are some of the noticeable contributions of local researchers. Researchers however argue they could do better if government increases efforts in promoting their profession and riding it of certain constraints. 

The recurrent constraint expressed by researchers is that of inadequate funding. They also complained the retirement age of 55 hinders the progress of the sector, because to them, it is at this age that most of them become mature. - Online Sources

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